Hiiiiiii everyone!

That’s right — Wings of Fire Book Ten: Darkness of Dragons is now out in the world!

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I wrote all about it here for the Scholastic Wings of Fire forums — and as you’ll see there, I also got to make a really exciting announcement:

This is not the end of Wings of Fire!

There are FIVE MORE BOOKS coming!!!

Eeeek yay!  I’m working on Book Eleven right now and it’s seriously all I want to talk about.  I want to tell you all the new secrets and surprises and ALL THE THINGS!  But I know I should wait at least until you’ve all had a chance to read Book Ten…because there’s a pretty big hint at the end of Book Ten as to what the next arc is going to be about!

Maybe I’ll be able to start dropping hints at my upcoming events — I have a Book Ten launch party this Sunday (July 30) at Newtonville Books at 2pm, and I’d love to see all of you there!  Or I’ll also be at Books of Wonder in New York City on Saturday, August 19, at 1pm — along with some amazing authors, so please come meet all of us!  (Karuna Riazi!  William Alexander!  Sarah Darer Littman!  YAY!)  And then I’ll be at Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester, MA, on August 27 at 2pm — with more travel plans to come this fall, so I’ll keep you posted!

AND if you can wait until mid-August and would like a copy of Darkness of Dragons signed by me, you can actually order one through Books of Wonder right now!  I’ll sign it while I’m there August 19, and they’ll send it to you that week.  I think it might even be possible for me to personalize it, too, but you’d have to call the store to ask them and give them your information.

Also, for any of you who are podcast listeners, Scholastic has a super-fun podcast called Scholastic Reads, hosted by Suzanne McCabe — and this week’s episode is an interview with me and my amazing editor, Amanda Maciel!  So if you would like to hear us chat for a while about Wings of Fire, click through and check it out!  ?

Things Making Me Happy Right Now:

and also…


Oh my goodness dancing and leaping and hugging puppies and yay!

I know that a lot of things are stressful at the moment, and we have a lot of paying attention and speaking up and work to do, but art like this gives me hope . . . and honestly, despite all the news, I’m still so happy to be alive now, in this time in history, and not any previous time (or in any of the future dystopias I’m currently reading about!).  And the young readers I meet at my book events or hear from on the forums are SO AMAZING that it makes me hopeful about the future, too.  Like, if we could put these kids in charge of everything right now, the world would be seriously awesome.

So hang in there, lovely readers!  Read some wonderful books, watch (and create) some wonderful things, hug some wonderful people (and puppies), and keep being your wonderful selves.  ?  ?  ?

(Also make sure you’re getting enough sleep!  Which is what I need to go do…)  Happy summer!

What We’re Reading:
Me:  Parable of the Sower, by Octavia Butler (breathtakingly amazing); A School for Brides, by Patrice KindlThe Serpent’s Secret, by Sayantani DasguptaThe Gauntlet, by Karuna RiaziBetter Angels of Our Nature, by Steven Pinker; and Ink, by Sabrina Vourvoulias  (I know, I am reading a million things at once!  Because some I can take on vacation and some I have to finish before I go and some I’m going to meet or just met the authors and some were downstairs when I wanted a book and didn’t feel like going all the way back up the stairs to get any of the others.  :D)

With my bears:  Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, by Elena Favilli and Francesca CavalloCastle Hangnail, by Ursula Vernon; and Cleopatra in Space Book Four: The Golden Lion, by Mike Maihack