In the Meanwhile . . .

Hello lovely people,

I am madly (and mostly unsuccessfully, BAH) trying to update this entire website for the launch of my SHINY NEW SERIES, which is happening, oh, NEXT WEEK, so I’ve been neglecting this blog terribly, I know.  But I think about you (lovely blog readers) all the time!  And I hope that I’ll be able to make myself blog OODLES for the SHINY NEW SERIES.  🙂  While you’re waiting for that excitement, though, I’ve been meaning to tell you to run out and read two other thrilling Books Not By Me, and it’s taken me far too long to get to this, SO HERE:


No Safety in Numbers!

It is a lucky and marvelous and wonderful thing when you can love a person’s writing as much as you adore that person herself, which is how I feel about Kristin Cashore and Dayna Lorentz.  And now they both have new books out at the same time! 

I love love loved Graceling and Fire and have been desperately waiting, like the rest of you, for Kristin’s third book, Bitterblue.

(How gorgeous is that cover?!)  And it’s as amazing as I hoped it would be!  Bitterblue is a fascinating character and totally different from Katsa and Fire.  But you don’t have to just believe me . . . check out the glowing (and entirely correct) review in the New York Times.  As they say, “Some authors can tell a good story; some can write well. Cashore is one of the rare novelists who do both.”  Awww, so true!  Yay Kristin!  Yay Bitterblue!

And then there’s Dayna’s debut teen novel, No Safety in Numbers . . .

(Another great cover!)  I blogged about her Dogs of the Drowned City trilogy not long ago; this is the start of a new YA trilogy and it’s crazy-thrilling.  Imagine if you and your friends were trapped in a mall by a biological weapon.  What would you do?  How would it change you?  Riveting and action-packed, this is a fantastic dystopian nightmare set in a mall just like your own.

So now you have your summer reading assignments!  🙂  And please come back here again soon; I promise I won’t let the little bears in my house keep me from posting all the SHINY NEW SERIES excitement, starting next week!  Yaaaayyyy!  🙂  🙂  🙂

What little bears?  Oh, all right, if you insist . . . 😉


Big happy summer hugs to all of you!  Back soon!

Quote of the Day:
“My favorites are actually the tantrums that are triggered by something so totally ridiculous and unreasonable that it becomes funny. I’m talking about the times when the small one turns into a cross between the angry version of Christian Bale and the full-time version of Gaddafi over something so trivial or inane that it couldn’t be explained in either plain English or a cave drawing. No honey, no matter how much you cry and stomp and kick your stroller – you may not lick the floor at Walmart.” – Rants from Mommyland, a perfectly hilarious blog my friend Amanda pointed me at recently (the Five Things About the Terrible Twos is so my life right now!  I mean, not that my children are ever anything but lovable and perfect, of course.)  😉