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You’ve reached the website of Tui T. Sutherland, author of the #1 New York Times best-selling series Wings of Fire, the Menagerie trilogy (with my sister Kari), and a few other books. Hopefully you’ve stopped by because you’ve read one of my books, or would like to (please do!). Click around to learn more about the Wings of Fire dragons, find out what’s coming next, join one of my upcoming events, or visit my blog or Instagram feed (which is probably full of dog and snail photos, if you like that kind of thing!).

Pretty much all the beautiful Wings of Fire art on this website was created by the amazingly talented Joy Ang, who does many other things besides draw the most glorious dragons ever–if you love our covers, check out her other artwork and books!

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Wings of Fire Graphic Novel: #7 Winter Turning

Daring mission… or deadly mistake? Winter has been a disappointment to his royal IceWing family his whole life. When his sister, Icicle, runs away from Jade Mountain Academy, fleeing terrible crimes and possibly planning to commit more, Winter knows that they both need a second chance to make things right — if only he can find her. Winter’s new clawmates, . . .

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Covers and Voting and Hugs

Hello loveliest people in the world! I have been thinking about blogging at you for a while, but it is tricky because I have like…800,000 different emotions every day?  And about half of them are hopeful but the other half are of the let’s-all-go-hide-under-the-covers / need-more-ice-cream variety, so I keep trying to catch myself in a happy mood to write . . .

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Off to Write Book 14! :)

Hello kindest, most brilliant readers, OK, it’s time to turn off every other part of my brain except the parts that are writing book 14, from now until it is done!  I imagine I’ll return to find a couple of tiny barbarians who’ve gone feral and forgotten this “math” of which we speak, but right now it’s either homeschooling or . . .

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Tui? What kind of name is that? Is it short for something?

Nope. Among the many great things to come out of New Zealand (the Lord of the Rings movies, cats that paint, my mom) is a bird called the tui—not as well known as the kiwi, but a heck of a lot noisier!

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