Announcing a Shiny NEW Extra Wings of Fire Book! Surprise!

Hello lovely readers!

I have some news! Exciting news, I think—I hope you’ll think so! (This is the big announcement I referred to in the Wings of Fire forums chat!)

But let’s start with the part you won’t be excited about: Book Nine is not coming out this summer.

ACK! I know! Despair! But wait!


As some of you have figured out, Book Nine is going to be called Talons of Power and it is in Turtle’s POV. It’ll pick up immediately where Book Eight ended.

But I ran into a little problem as I was working on this book. You see, the more I tried to write Book Nine, the more I realized . . . there was another book I had to write first. Like, seriously had to; there was no way to figure out Book Nine without writing this entire other book, and also this other book was in my brain all the time, demanding to be written instead.

So here’s the exciting news: You’re getting an ADDITIONAL, super-shiny, EXTRA-LONG Wings of Fire book! And THAT one is coming this summer!

(Yay! Everyone forgives Tui for ridiculously writing books out of order! Right? Yay?) 😀

Here’s everything you need to know!:

* It is called Wings of Fire: LEGENDS: Darkstalker.

* It is a prequel to the whole series—that is, it’s set two thousand years ago, when Darkstalker was a young NightWing.

* This is the true story of what happened to him (and what he did), which the history scrolls only got partly right.

* It is a stand-alone story, so if you’ve never read any Wings of Fire books, you could read this one all on its own. But I think it is pretty essential to the ongoing arc, so it should be read before Books Nine and Ten . . . I mean, certainly it had to be written before Books Nine and Ten!  🙂

* Unlike the other books, this one is written in three POVs instead of one: Fathom (the SeaWing animus and, according to the history scrolls, Darkstalker’s best friend), Clearsight (Darkstalker’s true love, who had the gift of prophecy), and Darkstalker himself. We’re going into Darkstalker’s brain! EEEEEE!!!!!

* It will, I think, answer SO MANY of your questions. (Except perhaps the question: “Is Darkstalker evil?” For some of you, it will answer that question; for others, it will make it more complicated. Darkstalker is a very COMPLICATED dragon, which I think is often true for someone who is either evil or perceived to be evil.)

* It comes out this summer! And I am SUPER EXCITED for you to read it! I hope you are, too!

Listen, I’m not usually the kind of writer who says things like, “the characters just took over!” or “the story possessed me!” But in this case, it kind of did. I really had to write Darkstalker’s beginning before I could write what he does next, and it felt like Clearsight and Fathom were also in my head clamoring, “what about us?! tell our side of the story!!” It was such a weird experience for me! And I’m so lucky that my editor was wonderful and understanding when I threw myself on her mercy and told her she couldn’t have Book Nine because I needed to give her this new random book instead. Scholastic has been amazing about letting me do this crazy thing at pretty much the last minute, so I’m really grateful to them!

By the way, I know some of you eagle-eyed FanWings out there have already spotted this book online. (How did you do that? It appears I might have to send some minions to rip out Amazon’s tongue…) (Ew! See? That was totally something Darkstalker would say! POSSESSED, I tell you!) 😉 So now you have the entire scoop!

And we’ll have cover art for you soon as well!  Stay tuned!

Big hugs to everyone!

What We’re Reading:
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With the bears: Intersellar Cinderella, by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Meg Hunt, and Amulet, by Kazu Kibuishi