Sheboygan, Here I Come!

Hi everyone!

If you’ve checked out my Events page or follow me on Facebook, you may already know that I am heading to Wisconsin next month for the totally wonderful-sounding Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival!  Have you seen the adorable video they made yet?

SCBF 2015 Video

I can’t wait to go hang out with Wisconsin readers and all these awesome authors — including hilarious lovely Mike Spradlin, who was actually one of my authors when I was an editor!  Eeee yay!  I’ll be on a panel with him and Christian Robinson (who is totally a genius; LOOK at his BEAUTIFUL BOOKS) and Liz Garton Scanlon (who writes absolutely gorgeous picture books my kids love too, like All the World).

In fact, the whole schedule is up now, so you can figure out where to find me on Saturday, October 10!  I’m doing a solo presentation, the panel, and two book signings, so I hope you can come say hi if you’re anywhere around there.  And check out the other authors and illustrators in their panels and presentations, too . . . it’s going to be really cool!

(Edited to add:) Oh excitement; look what just appeared in my inbox!  It’s Tui T. Sutherland Day!  (For the festival, I mean; I promise I’m not arbitrarily claiming this day for myself forever.)  😉  The festival has been sending these wonderful emails with more information about each presenter, including our answers to some fun questions — so if you’re curious about places that inspire me or what I would be if I weren’t an author, go to that link to check it out!  (You can also sign up for more updates on their website, or follow the festival on Facebook!)

More soon!

What Else We’re Reading:
Me:  Anything Could Happen, by Will Walton, and Only Ever Yours, by Louise O’Neill

With my bigger bear: Explorer: The Hidden Doors, by Kazu Kibuishi (he stole my Amulet books and loved those too!)

With my littler bear:  Nina in That Makes Me Mad!, by Hilary Knight and Steven Kroll