Magic! Dragons! Authors! In NYC This Saturday! Join Us!

Hello hello lovely people!

I’m coming to New York City for a book event!  VERY SOON!  Like, Saturday!  THIS Saturday!  May 3rd!  Eeeeek!

It’s at Books of Wonder (you know how much I adore this bookstore), on Saturday May 3 from noon to 2pm.  I’ll be appearing with two other authors:  Sarwat Chadda, who wrote The Savage Fortress and its new sequel The City of Death, and Soman Chainini, author of the School for Good and Evil trilogy.  They both have very cool websites and seem extremely awesome on their blogs (plus their books sound amazing! magic schools! ancient warrior goddesses! everything I love in a book!), so I’M excited to meet them — and if you come, you can meet all three of us!  Woo hoo!

I’ll be talking about Wings of Fire book five and The Menagerie book two, and signing books, and maybe if I’m very tired I’ll accidentally tell you EVERYTHING ABOUT THE NEXT BOOKS MWA HA HA, so now you really have to come, right?  😉

I meant to post about this earlier, but in my head this event was in “May” whereas I am still in “April” so I don’t have to “think about it” yet.  Ha ha ha!  Imagine my surprise to discover that May is MERE DAYS AWAY now.  That is horrifying.  I’m not even…deadlines…brain…exploding…

I also know I owe you a spoiler-y post about Wings of Fire 6-10.  But first I have to figure out Wings of Fire 6-10!  Here is what my current mental state feels like:  OK, I have a box.  Not a very big box; about 300 pages long.  Inside the box are TEN THOUSAND DRAGONS.  All of these dragons would like to come out and (a) tell me their life story, (b) set the box on fire, (c) eat the box.  When I won’t let them, they retaliate by trying to eat me instead.  I am trying to stuff all these dragons in the box except for one, who is like, “oh, no, don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here reading a scroll” and I’m like, “NO YOU ARE THE STAR OF THIS BOOK, get over here and tell me your life story.”  And she’s like, “that’s OK, you look busy.”  And then Kinkajou (who is not the main character, although try telling her that) is like, “I LOVE boxes!  Lemme dance on this box!” and I’m all “get back in there, you,” and then the IceWing is like, “I believe I was promised a private box, ahem”, and I’m like “yes, that is the next box, hush up until I get that far.  Hey, where’d my protagonist go?”  And then Peril is like, “Um, was I supposed to be in this box?  Oops, sorry, now EVERYONE IS ON FIRE, my bad.”

And then from downstairs I hear my two-year-old (yes, he just turned two! he’s amazing!  and SO TWO, it’s going to be total madness from here on out) going: “I’m-a go upstairs!” and my (world’s greatest, I LOVE HER) nanny goes, “oh really, why is that?” and he goes: “Uh…to get somefing.”  And she’s like, “uh-huh.  What are you getting?” and he goes:  “Mmmmm…somefing.”  And she goes, “We are not bothering Mommy right now.  Are you going to see Mommy?”  And he goes:  “Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…no.”  (Which is his new favorite answer to everything:  “YYYYY–No.”  HA HA!)

And by then I’m like, well, that was hilarious, now . . . hang on, who scattered dragons all over the room?  Where is my box?  WHAT IS THIS PILE OF ASHES?  And who ate my stash of fortifying snacks?  (Extremely slippery super-villain, I’m looking at you.)  Aw, man, now I have to build a new box.  Oooo, hey, Shannon Hale updated her blog…

And then it’s usually time to make dinner.  Tada!  Being a writer!

It’s all right, I will wrestle these dragons into submission!  Maybe tomorrow!  We shall see.  And THEN I shall blog about them.  🙂

But clearly I had to come on and tell you about Books of Wonder first.  I hope some of you can make it!  It would be awesome to see you there!  I had the most amazing time at Newtonville Books last month, and one of the most exciting parts is that people there had actually READ MY BLOG!  Holy dragon talons . . . I guess I sort of know that’s happening, but there’s a part of me that still kind of thinks the only person who reads this is my mom.  (Hi, Mom!)

One last thing — Wings of Fire is coming to the UK this July!  (eeeee yay!)  With some very thrilling, sort of bonkers covers — behold!


I think these are super-fun and crazy in an “I never could have imagined my dragons this way” kind of way.  So much detail and excitement!  Hopefully British readers like them!  🙂  Hooray!

OK, I see a SandWing trying to sneak off so I’d better go tackle him — happy end of April and beginning of May, and don’t forget about Books of Wonder on Saturday!  🙂

Quote of the Day:
Jake Peralta: Wow, looks like he hates you even more than me.
Amy Santiago: No, he doesn’t. We have a good relationship. We’re on the same page.
Capt. Holt: Something to share with the rest of us, Santiago?
Amy: No, sir– I wasn’t– Peralta was the one that was talking!
Jake: God, you must have been the worst fourth grader ever.
Amy: Joke’s on you, I skipped fourth grade.
Holt:  Santiago!  Anything else?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine