Whoooooo Wants a Book? :)

Hello all!

Lots of exciting things are happening at once!  Both Menagerie 2: Dragon on Trial and Wings of Fire 5: The Brightest Night are coming out in March (woo hoo!)!  Also, I can officially announce that there is going to be MORE Wings of Fire!  I am writing book 6 right now!  With at least four more after that . . . TEN Wings of Fire books in all!  I hope you guys are excited — I’m super-excited!

So, to celebrate all the lovely things, as promised, I’m doing a giveaway, which means waking up during daylight hours and leaving my house and dealing with things like envelopes and stamps, so it doesn’t happen very often, much as I love you all.  🙂

How to enter
What I would love from YOU is a book recommendation!  Something you’ve read and loved!  (And thank you, my darlings, but I’ve already read my own books, so something new would be most thrilling.)  🙂  I read pretty much literally every genre (and also have very small people around who need new books to love too), so feel free to suggest anything from picture books to adult nonfiction, as long as you thought it was wonderful.

What you can win
Please choose one of the following possibilities:

* either Menagerie book — I just got a big box of The Menagerie 2: Dragon on Trial and it’s very cool!  I also have book one in paperback — now with an illustrated glossary, yay!

* any Wings of Fire book — I have paperbacks or hardcovers of the first three, hardcovers of book 4, and ONE hardcover I can give away of book 5.  I know!  I’m sorry I don’t have more!  But it’s coming out really soon, and then it’ll be everywhere, don’t worry!

* any Pet Trouble book plus the new Lucky Dog anthology, which contains a story by me, plus eleven other adorable dog stories!  (Have I talked about this yet?  If not, I’ll come back and do that soon.)

* a set of all three of my Avatars books in hardcover — I know this is from eons ago, and I’m still planning on turning them into e-books.  But I still love them, and if you’re curious about my very first supernatural trilogy, this is a way to get them, since they’re not in stores!

This Must Be Love Never Bite a Boy on the First Date — my very first novel and my vampire novel, and you can have both! — in case you’re looking for funny (well, I hope!) YA romance  🙂

* My two Little House spin-offs — Almanzo Wilder Goes West AND Nellie Oleson Meets Laura Ingalls

Or if there’s something else you’d rather have that I haven’t listed here, let me know.  🙂  (Sadly, I only get a couple copies of Warriors and Seekers books, so I never have those to give away — sorry about that!)

All of these will come SIGNED — just please let me know who to dedicate them to!  🙂

Three ways to enter
(1) Through my Contact page.  In this case, please include (a) your book recommendation, (b) which option above you’d most like to receive, and (c) a mailing address.  If your parents don’t want you to send me your home address (please check with them!), I totally get that and am happy to send it through your school instead, if that’s OK!

(2) By commenting on this when I post it on Facebook.  In that case, please include (a) and (b) from above, but don’t post your mailing address, because then everyone will be able to see it!  Ack we don’t want that!  The Internet is very sinister!  I’m afraid I’ll have to delete it if you do, fyi.  So don’t worry, if you win, I will send you a private message and we can sort that part out.

(3) By sending me a message on Facebook with (a) and (b).  Again, don’t worry about including your address in that case; I’ll pm you back if you win, same as above.

You have until the end of the day on Sunday (March 2) to enter (although please feel free to keep sending me book suggestions anytime!), and then I’ll randomly pick FIVE winners and hopefully get your books in the mail next week sometime.  Yay fun hooray!

I can’t wait to see your book recommendations!  I hope this all makes sense — let me know if you have any questions.

Oh, and please post or send me your questions about the next five Wings of Fire books, too!  I’m planning a more informative blog about them SOON SOON SOON, so tell me what you want to know and I’ll try to answer what I can without too many spoilers!

Thank you all for being such fabulous readers!  More soon!