If You’re Out Buying Stuff on Saturday…

Hi everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!!  And happy Hanukkah!!  Hooray!  Say, you know what makes a wonderful holiday present, no matter what holiday you’re celebrating?  BOOKS!

And hypothetically, if you happened to be out holiday shopping this coming Saturday in Cambridge, MA, and HAPPENED to come by the Harvard Book Store . . . guess who would be there?  ME!  It’s part of an event called Indies First, where I try to sell you all my favorite books!  (Plus you can also buy my own books, too, if you like!  Or just chat to me about dragons for an hour, whatever you want.)  🙂

I’ll be in the kids’ section from 2:30 to 4:30pm, Saturday (Nov. 30), and here are the rest of the details (including who else will be there).

Beloved picture books!  Award-winning novels!  Amazing new YA!  So many great books I want you to read!  🙂  Or, hey, come tell me about YOUR favorite books, since I can’t actually walk out of a bookstore without buying something new for myself, too.  🙂

Or if you’re not in Cambridge, I highly highly recommend the two bookstores where I did events recently — Wellesley Books in Wellesley, MA, and Water Street Books in Exeter, NH.  They are both beautiful and both run by the nicest people in the world!  (And they probably still have signed copies of my books, if you’re looking for those — they might even be willing to mail them to you, if you’re farther away.)  I got all kinds of thrilling recommendations and new things to read.  YAY!

Or if you’re not shopping at all on Saturday, I hope you’re snuggling and spending time with people you love instead.  And I wish you all the most wonderful Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and end of November and beginning of sparkly-tree season!  🙂

(Coming soon:  My favorite books of the year!)