Tomorrow: The Dark Secret! Friday: A Book Event! Next Week: The MOON!

Hello lovely everyone!

Book four!  Book four!  Book four!  It’s here!  In bookstores tomorrow!  Beautiful shiny book!  So to celebrate, I’m going to blog EVERY DAY this week!  Well, that’s the plan . . . wish me luck!  I’m hoping to answer lots of reader questions that I’ve been getting through the website, so please feel free to send me more in the next few days and I’ll tackle as many as I can.  🙂

Look at this beautiful cover!  Oooo, Starflight and the NightWings!  Are you all excited?  I’m excited for you to read it!  This story is a little dark (well, of course, right? we are in the Night Kingdom! and it’s not exactly the most cheerful place . . .), but oh my, you find out ALL KINDS OF SECRETS!  I’ve seen some really great guesses online (you’re all so smart), but hopefully you’ll still be surprised by what the NightWings are hiding. . . .

Who lives?  Who dies?  Will Starflight get his NightWing powers?  Will he choose his tribe or his friends?  How will Fatespeaker change everything?  Find out tomorrow!  Wings of Fire book four HOORAY!

And I finally finished book five (WOO HOO!) (ah yes, that’s what happened to September and October!), which is Sunny’s book and a sunnier book . . . at least in terms of the weather, mwa ha ha!  😉

Crazily (and thrillingly), this next month is full of events (EVENTS!), which means I’ll hopefully get to meet some of you (please tell me if you read this blog! it would make me super happy to know that!).  It also means I have to dress like a grown-up and leave the house (oh NOES! I can’t do all my book events in pyjamas?), which always confuses the heck out of my children (“where are you going? why are you wearing nice shoes? is it the apocalypse?”).

(Actually seriously, my three-year-old has grown TERRIBLY SUSPICIOUS of my “fancy” shoes (and they are so not that fancy!), to the point where he gets rather outraged every time he sees me trying to depart in anything but my sneakers.  It’s hilarious, but also means factoring in an extra 20 minutes of “explaining shoes” time whenever I need to go somewhere.)

So, right: events!  Please come join me, especially THIS FRIDAY (November 1st!) at 7pm, when I will be chatting and signing books at the Barnes and Noble in Burlington, MA.  I’d love to see you all there!  Come with lots of questions and books to sign!  It’s a lovely huge wonderful store full of super-nice people, and I’m sure I myself will not be able to get out of there without a stack of books (we’ll say they’re for my kids, but we all know they’re really for me).  🙂

I’ll update you on my other events later this week (Connecticut Children’s Book Festival!  eee yippee!), so watch this space!

That’s all for today — more tomorrow (book birthday!) and the day after that and the day after that!  Hooray for dragons and The Dark Secret and Halloween and book events and autumn leaves and hayrides!  🙂

Quote of the Day:  “Is Moby Dick a metaphor for the struggle of trying to read Moby Dick?” — Stephen Colbert