Erin Hunter On Tour!

Hello everyone!

I have so so many things to blog about, but I am trying to finish a manuscript (writing like the wind!  in that the wind is shockingly unproductive, keeps falling asleep, and is easily distracted by loud tiny people — so basically just like your average sleep-deprived mother-of-a-newborn-and-a-toddler wind!), SO hopefully there will be more proper blogging soon, BUT FOR NOW, I have a time-sensitive post for Warriors/Seekers/Survivors fans, especially the ones who are always asking when they can see Erin Hunter on tour.

RIGHT NOW!  Right now is when you can see her on tour!  That is to say, you can see Vicky Holmes, our peerless fearless leader, who will be traveling around talking about Dawn of the Clans THIS VERY WEEK.  Starting in (drumroll please…) BOSTON, so even I get to see her!  Hooray!

I AM SO EXCITED, although that’s because I get to hang out with my friend whom I hardly ever see (England is far!), whereas you all should be excited because she might reveal thrilling Warriors secrets, and because she’ll certainly be signing books!  Hooray!

So I hope all you Boston fans can come see her on Tuesday — she’ll be at the Cambridge Public Library at 6pm, sponsored by Porter Square Books: find more info here and here.  I’ll be there, hiding in the audience and cheering enthusiastically!  🙂


Then she’ll be moving on to Naperville, Illinois; Boulder, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington, so if you’re in one of those places, hopefully you’ll get to see her, too!  Here’s a link to her full schedule.  And she’ll also be blogging about the tour on the Warriors website as she goes, so keep an eye on that!

And now back to my own overdue Wings of Fire manuscript . . . I think a major character is about to die BUT WHOOOOOO . . . let’s see if it can happen before I conk out on my keyboard.  🙂

Hopefully see some of you at the Boston Erin Hunter event!  Yay!

Quote of the Day:  “A true gentleman is a man who knows how to play the bagpipes — but doesn’t.” — Anonymous