Wings of Fire Fans, I LOVE YOU

Hi everyone!

I just turned in a manuscript last week, so I have to admit I’ve been a little behind on some important things, such as cleaning the house and giving my DVR the respect and attention it deserves (my goodness, it got so mad at me!  I had like two hours of space left!  I could practically hear it grumbling, “don’t make me teach you a lesson by deleting all these episodes of Doctor Who…”).

But even more importantly, I hadn’t checked the email for the Contact Form here in a couple of weeks (OK, liiiiiike, four), so tonight I did and there were oooooodles of wonderful messages waiting for me!  Oh my gosh, you guys.  So many sweet messages about liking Wings of Fire — I can’t tell you how happy they made me!  Thank you thank you!  It’s ridiculously thrilling to know there are people out there reading it and enjoying it.  🙂  Sweet, smart, funny people who then send me lovely messages, aww.

Let’s see if I can answer a few of the questions I came across in the messages:

(1) How many books will there be in the series?

The plan is five — one for each of the dragonets.  And I think it’s not too spoiler-y to tell you who gets each, so here you go (BIG REVEAL!):

Book One:  Clay (obviously)
Book Two:  Tsunami
Book Three:  Glory
Book Four:  Starflight
Book Five:  Sunny


(2) When is the next book coming out?  When when when?  🙂

As far as I know, The Lost Heir is scheduled for release January 1, 2013.  I’m sorry it’s not sooner!  I can only write them so fast, but we’re trying to get them to you every six months, so the third one should be out in June or July 2013.  And book four is what I’m working on now, so I’m not even going to say a pub date out loud in case I terrify the living daylights out of myself!

Want to see something really pretty, though?  It turns out the cover for book two has been updated since it was posted here (and on Amazon) — it’s actually more blue (and even more beautiful, I think):

OOOOOOOOO.  I love the little sea dragons in the corner!  Those are my favorite animals in the Boston Aquarium — when I first saw them, I was like, everyone talks about seahorses, but no one ever mentions these CRAZY AMAZING THINGS?  Not that I might have a dragon bias or anything…

(3) What can you tell us about book 3?

I can tell you it has a GORGEOUS cover, which hopefully I’ll be able to post here soon (I’ll go check with my editor).  And!  I can tell you the title!  It’s The Hidden Kingdom, and since it’s Glory’s book, you might guess what that means…although I’ll also hint that it refers to more than one kingdom.  OOOOOO.

(4) Is there going to be a movie?  Can you please turn it into a movie (or a video game!)?  Go make it a movie!  🙂

You guys!  I love you guys!  A Wings of Fire movie (or a video game! or both!) would be so awesome!  I’m on board if Hollywood is.  Call me, Hollywood!  Seriously, I have zero control over this happening, but if I ever hear anything, I will definitely let you know.  Making it happen is in the hands of agents and publishers, so maybe if we all cross our fingers and hope…and make all our friends read the book, la la la…  😉  Anyway, maybe one day — we’ll see!

The other incredibly lovely thing I discovered is that someone has made a Wings of Fire Wiki and a Wings of Fire Fanon Wiki!  I barely understand what those things are but I am so excited about them!  How awesome are you guys?  This is so cool that I might start using it as my series bible if I’m not careful…  😉

OK, I hope that helps — thank you all for the wonderful messages!  I’ll try to check that email more regularly and answer any more questions that come up . . . and if you sent me an official request on there, I’ll try to get back to you soon!

Happy happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I am thankful for fantastic readers, terrific editors and publishing teams, glorious book covers, and a family of two sweet little bears, a lovely dog, and a very patient husband who puts up with an awful lot of dragon talk around here.

Quote of the Day:  “Noble dragons don’t have friends. The nearest they can get to the idea is an enemy who is still alive.”
― Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!