This Monkey Wants You To Vote on Tuesday

You wouldn’t want to disappoint this monkey, would you?  🙂

How about this Robin Hood?

He has some pretty strong feelings about tax breaks for billionaires, as you can probably imagine.  Or perhaps he’s concerned about future policies regarding women’s health issues, gay rights, climate change, disaster relief and FEMA, early childhood education, PBS, Sesame Street, and not strapping dogs to the roof of your car on a road trip to Canada.

Or it’s possible he just enjoys shouting “PRESIDENT OBAMA!” with enormous glee whenever his dad asks who he’s voting for.  🙂

It’s also possible I’ve oversold the excitement of coming with me to vote on Tuesday, as he keeps asking about it and his comments seem to indicate he’s expecting to watch some kind of exciting contest involving the actual president right in front of him, possibly wrestling a bear or driving a chariot or flying.  I hope the real-life thrill of standing in line (whee!) and filling out a form (wahoo!) doesn’t dampen his enthusiasm for civic responsibility.  🙂

Anyway, whoever you’re voting for, go out and vote on Tuesday!  Do it for the children!  And for the monkeys!

And I hope you’re all doing OK after the hurricane!  For anyone who wants to volunteer or donate, here’s a link to the American Red Cross.  Stay safe and warm, everyone!

Quote of the Day:
“They have such refined and delicate palates
That they can discover no one worthy of their ballots,
And then when someone terrible gets elected
They say, ‘There, that’s just what I expected!'”
Ogden Nash