Talking About Books in NYC


A million thank-yous to wonderful Books of Wonder for the super-fun author event they had for several of us two weeks ago.  Behold!  Thrilling books in the window!  And…

Thrilling books right inside the door!  And what’s over here?…

Thrilling books we wrote before!  Look at all those Pet Troubles, awww.  I love bookstores.  And as it happens, Books of Wonder needs our help right now — check out that link or this one for the details — and then please contribute to this amazing fabulous bookstore, and, if you can, go by and buy OOOOODLES of wonderful books from them.  (I know they’ve got a few signed dragon books at the moment, la la la…)

Back to the event!  There were seven of us authors presenting, so we all filed in and took our seats:

And lovely Peter introduced us, and I’m sitting there thinking, hooray, I’m all the way at the end!  I get to hear everyone else talk first!:

And then . . .

Ack! Don’t be coming this way! Don’t say what you’re about to say!

(I like how Adam, my official picture-taker, managed to capture my glassy-eyed Oh Noes Imminent Doom face.)

Oh, but yes.  We’re starting at this end!  Tui goes first!


So who knows what I said or whether it made any sense.  Remind me to put “not going first!” on my list of demands next to “green M&Ms” and “welcoming committee of puppies” and “everyone pretend you’re interested in photos of my babies.”  😉  But I can tell you all the other authors were hilarious and fascinating and lovely!  Ellie, the one next to me, was so nice; her book is Zip, a modern-day retelling of The Odyssey starring an 11-year-old girl on a scooter.  Awesome, right?

OK, my friends, I have to make myself go work now. Turns out two crazy imminent deadlines plus two children under 3 is an outrageously terrible combination for sleep.  (I know, it’s shocking.)  😉

On the plus side, we’ve started solid food with the younger gentleman, which is one of my absolute favorite baby stages.

The verdict from the baby so far is:

Avocado: meh.
Sweet potato: sure.
Rice cereal: OK.
Bananas: At laaaaaaaaaaast, my looooooooove has come along…

🙂  Hope you all have a wonderful rest of October!  I might be drowning in deadlines next week and unable to post, but I’ll try to be back with Halloween hilarity the week after that!

Quote of the Day:  “Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.” – Jack Handey