Sherlock and Submarines and Country Singers, My Goodness

Hi everyone!

Check me out — I’m back, and it’s still the same month!  Hallelujah!  Anyone would think my deadlines and tiny offspring were giving me a break right now (they are SO. NOT.).

But the fall season of TV is UPON US, so I figured I’d zip back through and tell you which new shows I’ll be watching, anyhow.  Because how can you go on without knowing that critical information?  Right?  🙂

Arrow, on the CW, Wed. Oct. 10th at 8pm:

I must admit there’s not much I’m super-excited about this year, but Arrow comes close, because: superheroes!  I’m in!  Although boy, I wish this looked like it had any sense of humor at all.

Elementary, on CBS, Thurs. Sept. 27th at 10pm:

This, on the other hand, clearly does have a sense of humor, hooray!  It can’t possibly be as great as the Sherlock currently on Masterpiece Mystery, but there’s a female Watson (cool!) and it’s Lucy Liu, who is kind of awesome, and the reviews so far are pretty positive, and that trailer is pretty fun.  So I’ll check it out, as long as it doesn’t end up feeling too procedural.

Nashville, on ABC, Wed. Oct. 10th at 10pm:

I wouldn’t think that a show about country music would be for me, but I also didn’t think a show about football would be for me, and Connie Britton’s last show, Friday Night Lights, was absolutely one of the greatest shows of all time, all that football notwithstanding.  And everyone seems to totally love this one as well, so we’ll see!

The Mindy Project, on Fox, Tues. Sept. 25th at 9:30pm:

Basically because I love Mindy Kaling and always wished she had more screen time on The Office…so I hope this is very funny and a big success for her!

Revolution, on NBC, Wed. Sept. 17th at 10pm:

Yeah, this one’s already started, but I haven’t watched the pilot yet.  It’s sitting on my DVR, waiting for me.  On the one hand, you really just have to say “post-apocalyptic” and I’ll be there…but on the other hand, the trailers for this all summer looked pretty awful, and the premise isn’t a particularly new post-apocalypse, so…I’m a little skeptical.  I’ll probably give it four episodes to try and reel me in (unless the first couple are really terrible).

Last Resort, on ABC, Thurs. Sept. 27th at 8pm:

How on earth this will turn into a series baffles me, but it’s getting a ton of love from the critics, and I like the actors in it, so I figure it’s worth a look.  (Especially since there are women in it after all — when I first heard the premise, I was like, a submarine full of guys trapped on an island with nukes?  HMMM DUBIOUS.)

I think I’ll also check out the sitcoms Ben & Kate, Partners, and The New Normal, and probably Beauty and the Beast on the CW.  But what’s going to last?  Who knows?  Of the six shows I was most interested in last year, only three survived (but one of them, Revenge, is totally one of my new favorites — that show is EPICALLY RIDICULOUS and I LOVE it).

All right, my friends, back to my insane deadlines and equally bonkers adorable children (sleep issues! preschool issues! sniffles! everything at once!).  (And in case you’re wondering, any new readers out there, I do love books even more than TV, but you probably don’t want to hear about my current reading list…The No-Cry Sleep Solution, The No-Cry Separation Anxiety Solution, The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers, Growing Up Brave, The Sleepeasy Solution…yeah, there’s a bit of a theme in there…the theme being, “I have a problem! Surely books can solve it for me!”)  La la la!

Anyway, happy TV watching, woo hoo!

Quote of the Day:
Jason: It’s all your stuff. Hoyt said he said he wanted you to have it, so…
Jessica: Is that how he said it?
Jason: I might be parrot-phrasing a little.
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