The Internet is Full of Shiny Things

Hello everyone!

I know I severely owe you a blog post, but sleeping keeps winning over all the things I really should do.  Tsk tsk.  Especially the last week or so – I don’t know if it’s jet lag (we did an international jaunt which I will hopefully tell you more about sometime!) or third trimester-ness, but my circadian rhythms have gotten all WEIRD.  Like, I’ve been waking up IN THE MORNING and getting TIRED at NIGHT, which is SO LAME.  I need my midnight hours!  Too much to do! 

My goodness.  But until I have the energy for proper blogging (hmmm . . . so, October, maybe?) ;), I thought I’d at least wander on and shower you with a couple of links and two extremely cool videos from around the Internet . . .

So pretty!:

Mysterious Paper Sculptures appearing in Edinburgh  (I know, this is from months ago, but it’s still super-cool for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.) (So, Mom, this one’s for you!)  🙂

Hunger Games nail polish! (thanks for the link, Kristin!)  Oooooo, I SO want the pretty copper one!  I CANNOT WAIT for this movie!

And finally, maybe the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen:

Aww.  It’s true.  Real books are the best.  :-)  :-)  🙂

That’s all for today – I’ll try to come back with some thoughtful thoughts soon.  Or if I can’t come up with any, I’ll regale you all with stories of my toddler playing his new favorite toy, the harmonica.  How can you resist that, right?  😉

Happy February! 

Quote of the Day:
Edith:  "I said I could drive the tractor."
Dowager Countess:  "Edith!  You are a lady, not Toad of Toad Hall!"
Downton Abbey