The Hitherto Unwritten Adventures of Almanzo Wilder

Look!  Look!

FarmerBoy Goes West

Shiny new cover for a shiny new book!  Which isn’t out yet, but at least I can show you this and we can all start getting excited, ooo, yes?

Well, I’ve been excited about it for a while, since I started the book a long time ago—remember my post about visiting the Malone Little House site?  That was research for this book, which used to be called Almanzo Wilder Goes West, but I think Farmer Boy Goes West (my editor’s suggestion) is much better.  After all, this is a sequel to the Little House book Farmer Boy, following the adventures of Almanzo as he leaves New York for Minnesota, en route to his destiny with Laura!  :-)  He’s about 14-17 years old in this story, dealing with moving, relatives, a baby brother, his visiting cousin from India, his first basket social, and A GIRL who catches his eye . . . but is she worthy of him?  Of OUR ALMANZO??  What do you think?  😉

Also in this book, he gets a very silly-looking dog (hee!), as you can see from the cover.  🙂

I love how this cover evokes the old Garth Williams covers, and I hope you do, too!  I liked the cover of Nellie Oleson Meets Laura Ingalls as well, but I totally understand that the photographic look didn’t go over well with most Little House fans . . .

Nellie Oleson cover
Apparently not your cup of tea  🙂

So hopefully you’ll like this one better!  And if you’re REALLY excited about the book now, you can even PRE-ORDER IT RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK, woo hoo!  And then it’ll appear magically on your doorstep on Valentine’s Day 2012, and you can imagine that it is handsome gentleman caller Almanzo Wilder himself, showing up to be your valentine.  Doesn’t that sound absolutely thrilling?  How can you resist?  🙂

In other (pretty much equally thrilling) news, have you all seen this?:

I AM FREAKING OUT I am so excited about this movie!  Eeeeeeee!!!!  And so so so curious to see if my feelings about each book of the trilogy will be mirrored by my feelings about each movie, or if someone in Hollywood will step in and wrestle book three into . . . something else.  Regardless, The Hunger Games was one of my favorite books of all time, and I think the trailer looks AMAZING!  I can’t can’t can’t wait!  Ack! 

And finally, the funniest psychic-Internet incident of the week: I asked the Height Prediction Calculator on how tall my 21-month-old toddler will be when he’s 18 years old, and the answer was . . .


With a “90 percent chance that it will be within 2.1 inches” of this guess.


Six foot four?????  Do I even KNOW anyone that tall?  That is a whole foot taller than me!  That is crazy-bananas

Of course I believe everything the Internet tells me, so I have been following him around ever since, tackle-hugging him and picking him up and cuddling him whenever he stops moving (which admittedly is not often), because I feel like my picking-him-up days are seriously numbered.  Like he might be taller than me by his second birthday.  YEEEP!  Urgent cuddling must immediately commence!

  Fire Truck
Moooom!  No time for that!  I’m extremely busy being freaking adorable on this fire truck!

So anyway, that’s the excitement over here.  Soon I’ll have to blog about my favorite books of the year and what I now think of all the fall TV shows, but now I’m afraid there must be sleeping instead.

But yay for Farmer Boy Goes West and exciting shiny covers!  :-)  :-)  :-)  And I hope you’re all having a marvelous November!

Quote of the Day: 
“It took me a couple of weeks, but I finally found my favorite thing to do in the suburbs . . . sleep.”  — Tessa, Suburgatory