Unabashed TV Love

Hello hello!

Fall TV is coming!  Fall TV is coming!  Yes, I love this time of year – lots of new shows to get excited about, and nothing’s been cancelled yet, and you never know what might turn out to be fabulous and addictive.  Woo hoo!

So, a few clips of the shows at the top of my to-watch list . . . (sorry about the ads in front of some of them)


OF COURSE I am excited about this.  I have literally had dreams about it already (so I hope the show is as good as my subconscious thinks it is!).  I am an enormous Buffy fan/have been known to over-identify with the vampire slayer in my time, so just seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar on screen makes me feel all THE WORLD! IT IS SAVED!  :-)  In this one she plays TWINS who are maybe both in danger of being MURRRRRRdered and then one takes the other’s place but SECRETS AND BETRAYAL EVERYWHERE and so forth.  (There are better/longer trailers out there, but none of them let me embed them properly, so go find them on YouTube if you’re curious.)  🙂

Plus there are VERY CUTE boys in this (Ioan Gruffud! in the most twisty relationship! I am so excited about these two together!) and lots of complicated mystery (I LURVE complicated mystery!) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND . . . at some point LOGAN ECHOLLS from Veronica Mars is supposed to show up.  AS IF I weren’t already freaking out about this show.  LOGAN!  (actual name Jason Dohring)  And BUFFY!  in the SAME SHOW!  I have no idea what the universe is rewarding me for, but THANK YOU.

Please watch this show with me so it doesn’t get cancelled!  :-)  :-)  🙂

On the CW, Tuesdays at 9pm, starting next Tuesday! (Sept. 13)

New Girl:

Clearly you have to like Zooey Deschanel to like this show, but I do, so that’s OK!  Actually funny new comedy is always exciting.  And I saw a MILLION previews for this during So You Think You Can Dance this summer and didn’t even get sick of it, so that seems like a good sign.  :-)  And I know (and adore) one of the writers, who is a hilarity genius, and all my trustworthy critics think this might be the best new show of the fall, so YAY I AM THERE YAY!

On Fox, Tuesdays at 9pm (I know, bust out those DVR’s!) after Glee, starting Sept. 20.

Terra Nova:

Another million previews over the summer – I think FOX might be excited about these two shows as well!  From my perspective, you have post-apocalyptic world + dinosaurs, which is preeeeetty much all you need to say to me.  ;-)  All these people go back in time (85 MILLION YEARS!) to escape their ruined world (of 2149 AD) and then have to deal with, of course, DIIIIIIIINOSAURS!  My favorite critic isn’t sure the acting will measure up to the special effects, but the special effects should be kind of amazing.  And I like the lead actor, so I figure it’s at least worth checking out.  :-)  Hooray!

On Fox, Mondays at 8pm, starting Sept. 26.

The Secret Circle:

OK, I have to admit, I don’t usually love witch stories.  The magic part can sometimes be kind of mumbo-jumbo or touchy-feely spiritual and There’s Always A Price and witches never seem to have as much fun (or romance) as werewolves and vampires, frankly.  BUT!  My sister, who has excellent and reliable taste, has seen this pilot and thinks I will love it.  AND!  It’s from the same producer as Vampire Diaries, which is frequently my favorite show on TV.  PLUS! I was one of the three people who actually quite liked Thomas Dekker in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so I don’t at all mind seeing him again.  THEREFORE: I will be watching!

On the CW, Thursdays at 9pm (after The Vampire Diaries), starting Sept. 15 (next week!).


I have to watch this show.  I mean, I just finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo, and TV immediately produces a modern-day female version set in the Hamptons?  Clearly I would be letting the universe (and my DVR) down if I ignored this.  But it also looks like kind of ridiculous fun, with some very likable actors, and some of the critics quite like it, too.  Noooooot sure I’ll be getting Adam to watch this with me, though . . . although I do intend to point out that it can’t possibly be as bad as the REMARKABLY DREADFUL recent movie adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo.  (Don’t get me started.)

On ABC, Wednesdays at 10pm, starting Sept. 21.

Once Upon a Time:

OK, frankly, this show looks completely insane.  But I do like fairy tales, and adaptations of fairy tales, and . . . well, mostly I’m curious to see if it’s really as insane as the trailer.  Also, this line made me laugh: “Where are we going?” “Somewhere HORRIBLE!” (spoiler alert: Maine)  Ha ha!  I don’t think it was supposed to be funny, but perhaps some unintentional humor will carry us along for a bit.

On ABC, Sundays at 8pm, starting Oct. 23.

I’m also curious about Grimm, given the fractured fairy tale aspect of that, but the previews online are LAME, so I’ll wait for the pilot (Friday, Oct. 21, at 9pm).  And I’ll be watching Up All Night because I love Christina Applegate and will follow her anywhere, plus it’s about new parents (who actually seem to really like their baby, which is cute) (NBC, Wednesdays at 10pm, starting Sept. 14th).  Plus I’ll probably check out Pan Am, which has had decent reviews so far (ABC, Sundays at 10pm, starting Sept. 25). 

And then we cross our fingers that the ones we like will survive!  Last fall was a little pathetic, but we did end up with Nikita, which I sort of love, so I remain ever-TV-optimistic.  🙂

Happy September!  Now back to the manuscript . . .

Quote of the Day:  “Biting’s excellent.  It’s like kissing, only there’s a winner!” — Idris, Doctor Who