My Foray Into Horror Writing

Hello hello!

Remember this book?:


It’s an anthology of 30-second short horror stories which I contributed to (hooray! my first anthology!), along with all KINDS of amazing famous people like Lemony Snicket, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, etc. etc. etc. . . .  If you don’t remember me yammering on about this when it first came out, here’s my original blog about it, which includes two alternate possibilities I considered submitting, and all the gory details of how I wrote the story and how I’m actually quite a scaredy-cat, myself.  🙂

Not only is it coming out in paperback just in time for Halloween this year, but we also just found out that it was named a Top 10 Horror Book for Youth by Booklist!  WOO HOO! 

(Wow, I do not normally read horror books, but every one on this list sounds totally amazing!  Maybe I’ll freak myself out for Halloween this year . . .)

So if you haven’t read it yet, I hope you’ll be tempted—there are some pretty great stories in there.  :-)  And seriously, anthology editors, call me anytime if you need more stories!  I am ridiculous about saying yes to everything!  :-)  :-)  🙂

And in the world of real-life horror stories, did you see John Hodgman’s bit on The Daily Show about bookstores closing?  My grumpy blog won’t let me embed it, but you can watch it here (no swearing, but a tiny bit inappropriate for younger readers).  Literature slam!  Too hilarious.

More tomorrow!

Toddler’s Favorite Book of the Day:

Quiet Book cover
The Quiet Book, by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Renata Liwska

“Quiet?  Quiet?  Quiet?” demands my lovely toddler, waving this book at me.  :-)  Oh my goodness, I adore this book.  It is SO sweet and thoughtful and gorgeously illustrated, with many wonderful kinds of quiet.  (I understand there’s a loud version, too, but we’ll stick with this one as long as we can!)  I particularly like “swimming underwater quiet” and “first look at your new hairstyle quiet” – Jonah’s favorite is “right before you yell ‘SURPRISE!’ quiet” so then he can yell “SURPRISE!” with enormous glee.  :-)  Big big love for this book on both sides!