Extraordinary Dancing for Tots, Please :-)

Hello hello!

Happy face!  🙂

I didn’t post much about So You Think You Can Dance this season, but I must admit I totally loved it (as usual, but even MORE than usual!).  I’m not sure any season will ever be as marvelous as season three for me (the first one I watched – Danny!  Pasha!  Sabra!  Lacey!), but this one was pretty awesome, particularly in terms of having lots of routines I wanted to watch over and over again plus a really likable, lovely winner (all right, actually that’s true every season – I’ve pretty much loved them all).

Each season I feel more aware of how the producers are manipulating things toward the outcome they want – for instance, by giving their less favorite contestants routines way out of their wheelhouse.  (Like, if a couple gets salsa or mambo, just say goodbye.)  And meanwhile Nigel’s favorites get beautiful, flowy, moving and meaningful contemporary week after week . . . maybe broken up with some meaningful jazz or some heartwarming lyrical hip-hop. 

But despite all that, I’m still totally amazed by the talent of these dancers; I still love the routines; and I adore almost all of the dancers themselves, even when I’m shaking my fist at Nigel in my head.

My favorite dance of the season is still this one, from the Top 16 performance show (aw! it’s like a whole romantic comedy in two minutes!):

But I loved this one as well (yay Tadd!):

And this one featuring the top 10 boys was totally awesome:

That was choreographed by Christopher Scott from the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, who have an ongoing online show which is pretty amazing.  They’ve also guest-starred on So You Think You Can Dance a couple of times.  It’s totally mind-blowing what they can do.  Where do I sign up my kid for classes in THAT?  🙂

And now off to work I go. . . .

Toddler’s Favorite Book of the Day:

Tugboat cover
Tugga-Tugga Tugboat, by Kevin Lewis & illustrated by Daniel Kirk (oh my good heavens adorable website!  I envy and covet it!  And now we might need all of his books, actually . . .)

Apart from being fun to read, my favorite thing about this book is how it starts off with a tugboat in a regular harbor scene, and then a couple of pages later you suddenly notice a rubber duck on the ocean in the background, and then the cargo looks suspiciously like giant toy blocks, and then at the end you realize the whole story has taken place in the baby’s tub at bath time.  SO cute!  And with a fun call-and-response element where we can get the toddler to shout “TOOT-TOOT!” at the right moments.  :-)  Now what I want to know is, why isn’t this available as a bath book?  Wouldn’t that make sense?  I ask you.  🙂