Will Talk About Dragons for Food

Hello there!

So one of the things I was off doing for the last few weeks was visiting my lovely editor at Scholastic and meeting a whole bunch of amazing wonderful sales & publicity folks at their summer 2012 sales conference, where I was invited for both (a) lunch and (b) delivering a presentation.  (Note that they led with the lunch and then were like “oh, and p.s. PRESENTATION GO!”, which is an excellent way to get me to do anything, because As If I would ever say no to lunch.)  😉

I read from book one of my upcoming dragon series Wings of Fire (coming in summer 2012!) and talked about my inspiration for the series – dragon books I’ve loved, creating a dragon world, how you might feel if you were the subject of a prophecy, hey look a photo of my adorable baby!, nature vs. nurture and fate vs. destiny, things that annoyed me about Lost, reading too much about parenting . . . hopefully it all sounded on topic at the time!  And hopefully you’ll get to hear all of that one day if I’m ever reading at a bookstore near you, or else I’m sure I’ll talk about it here in some definitely-not-mini blog. 

Among the many awesome people I met were the other two authors presenting, Sarah Mlynowski and Kate Messner.  Knowing I was going to meet them, and because I’m an inveterate teacher’s pet at heart (my life is one long quest for extra credit), I bolted out and read a couple of their books beforehand:

image   image

Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have):  HILARIOUS.  All the things that can go wrong when a teenage girl is allowed to fend for herself (let’s just say buying a hot tub is one of those ten things . . .) with VERY cute boys around and inevitable ensuing complications.  Too funny!

Gimme a Call:  Brilliant premise . . . AND hilarious!  (A 17-year-old high school senior gets the opportunity to call herself as a freshman, and starts changing things in the past which affect her present – in the funniest, cleverest ways; I could not put this down.)


Sugar and Ice:  I am not usually a sports book kind of girl, but this fascinating ice skating story was also about mean girls and friendships and balancing your life (plus a cute boy!); I really loved the characters (especially Claire, the heroine) and found the whole book totally irresistible. 

And after hearing their presentations, I have to say their new books sound SO funny and fantastic!  I can’t wait to read them!  I’d say hurry up and get here, Summer 2012, but actually I have two or three books to write before then, so maybe it’s OK if it takes its time. . . .

(Kate wrote a lovely blog about the conference (with pictures!), in a much more timely fashion than me – yay, and thank you, Kate!)  :-)  :-)  :-)  And a big thank you to Scholastic for inviting me (and feeding me!) and for being excited about my shiny new dragon series – I’m still floating with joy from meeting so many wonderful people and hearing so many encouraging things.  You are the wind beneath my (dragon) wings!  (Oh, just you wait . . . the puns I am storing up for next summer, mwa ha ha. . . .)

Tomorrow: I will probably talk about television, because we can’t have this blog getting too literary and thoughtful, can we?  😉

Toddler’s Favorite Books of the Day:

Hondo&Fabian       FabianEscapes cover
Hondo and Fabian and Fabian Escapes, by Peter McCarty

Since Jeremy Draws a Monster is such a monster hit around here, I figured we should check out the author/illustrator’s other books, and hit on the adorable gold mine of his two Hondo/Fabian books.  Simple sweet stories with GORGEOUS illustrations, plus endless opportunities for Jonah to shout “WOOF!” and “MEOW!” as we go back and forth between the days of Hondo and Fabian.  (Not to mention a subtle fabulous humor:  “Fabian strolls through the garden.  He stops to smell the flowers and eats them. [next page:] Hondo walks through the kitchen.  He stops to smell the butter and eats it.”)  Hee!  Too cute!  And so so pretty!  (Plus I love finding an author who’s even worse about updating his website than I am.)  😉