Tomorrow Girls . . . Today!

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow Girls Bk2 final

I’m back!  Only briefly, but I had to pop in to let you know about my new book that came out last week: Tomorrow Girls Book 2: Run for Cover.  I know!  It’s another book with a totally different name on it!  What is up with me?  I promise I am not choosing random books off Amazon and claiming to have written them.  ;-)  If I were, wouldn’t it be very strange of me to pick the second book of a series and not the other three?  (Or perhaps that’s my nefarious weird PLAN mwa ha ha…what?)

No, this is a much more fun (and sane) situation, where each book in the four-book series was written by a different author (and, as with Erin Hunter, we picked one name for all the books so that you’d be able to find them together in the bookstore).  I got to write book two, which was from the POV of the tough, kind of grumpy character we met in book one, so that was a little hilarious – I had to sort of redeem her (SHE doesn’t think she’s so bad!) while still keeping her tough and bossy (SO SO SO bossy!  I love her!  I have all this bossiness brewing inside me which I try to suppress (so that, you know, people will still want to hang out with me!), so to let a character be just as bossy as she wants was awesome – and hey, she has to be that bossy, because they’re ON THE RUN and BAD GUYS ARE AFTER THEM and she’s the only one who can sensibly lead all her friends (including BOYS!) to safety!)

Tomorrow Girls Bk1 final
Book one!

I’m sort of telling you about this backwards, aren’t I?  Well, you can read more about the books on their Amazon pages; I’ll just tell you it’s a dystopian action-thriller aimed at the girls who aren’t quite ready for all the violent death of The Hunger Games (much as I love The Hunger Games!).  In Tomorrow Girls, set in the not-too-distant future, four girls arrive at a boarding school, where their parents hope they’ll be safely away from the ongoing war.  But of course all KINDS of shady things are going on, and let’s just say, by book two, the girls are on the run (with BOYS! did I mention the boys?) and in TERRIBLE PERIL AT EVERY TURN!

Tomorrow Girls Bk3 final
Book three!  (coming in September!)

Can you tell this was a lot of fun to write?  And it was also well-timed to get me back into the swing of writing after I took a few months off to, you know, have a baby and lie around eating bon-bons (note: no actual bon-bons were consumed), two things which usually go together (ha ha ha!). 

So I hope you’ll read them and enjoy them!  I haven’t actually gotten books 3 and 4 yet myself, so I don’t even know what happens to the girls after all the GRAVE PERIL AND DESPAIR I left them in!  But I’m sure, of course, that they’ll be totally marvelous (they do have excellent covers, don’t they?). 

Tomorrow Girls Bk4 final
Book four! (coming in November!)

Oh my goodness WAIT!  Don’t click on that last link!  BIG spoiler in the book description!  Read the other books first!  You have been warned!  🙂

Anyhow, I am off to get some more work done (my husband and I are having the laaaaaamest Saturday night ever – he’s on the other side of the office, type-type-typing away.  We’ll have to watch some serious True Blood season 3 tomorrow night to make up for this!)

But I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July (and every other day of July), and hopefully I’ll be back next week (or soon-ish) with, quite possibly, more toddler photos (everyone try to contain your excitement).   🙂

Quote of the Day:
Troy:  Maybe nobody took it.  Sometimes I think I lost something really important to me and it turns out I already ate it.