Toddler in the Sun

Hi everyone!

It’s summer!(-ish), which means it’s time to stop complaining about giant piles of snow and start complaining about heat and sunscreen instead.  😉


Aw, I’m just kidding.  Who could complain about anything when THIS FACE is having so much fun?: 

So from now on I can be naked all the time, right?  Right?

The toddler and I are currently engaged in the war of “I’m freeeeeeee!” in the sunshine versus “HATS ARE LAME!  Bring that sunscreen near me one more time and I will EAT IT!”  I’m pretty sure sunscreen is not winning.  But we’re making a valiant effort anyhow!  (So no need to call me about it, Mom.)  😉

I know what you’re thinking, Maui.  You’re thinking this hat is lame.  Tell me about it.

(I think it’s really cute, myself.)  🙂


We took the young man to a beach this past weekend for the first time.  He took one look at the waves rolling toward us, apparently thought “yup, that’s where I want to be,” and CHARGED RIGHT INTO THE OCEAN.  How is that an evolutionarily sound reaction?  I ask you.

Yeah, we might stick to the wading pools for a while…

In any case, tonight I need to get all focused and write, so it’s a photo-happy blog lacking in deep thoughts this week.  (And big thanks to Giana and Kari for some of these photos!)  🙂


Hmmm.  There seem to be a lot of photos on my camera of the toddler escaping pell-mell into the world.  :-)  This was at the aquarium, our baby bookworms field trip for the month (hence all those fish books we were reading earlier) – such an awesome place!  So toddler-friendly!  He totally loved it.  We’d go live there if parking weren’t so insanely exorbitant.  🙂

And of course who can leave the aquarium without their very own stuffed sting ray?

(Well, he already HAS a penguin.)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to your summers and staying safe with the crazy weather out there.  More soon!

Quote of the Day: 
Bobby:  Something stinks and I can’t find it. I’m worried it’s in my nostrils. Will you smell the inside of my nose and tell me if it stinks?
Grayson:  At any point in your life have you ever said to yourself, "Hey, here’s a thought I shouldn’t verbalize"?
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