New Favorite Things and What I’m Reading

Hi everyone!

Our new favorite thing to do (the street! it is fascinating! and we can yell “CAH!” every two seconds and be right!)

Just a brief stop by the blog today, as I am immersed in revising.  🙂

Our new favorite sweater (knitted by Grandmama! yay!)

Someone would like to walk the dog himself, please (and somedog is not so sure about that plan)

The cutest picture ever (aw, we love Grandpapa)

And this is my thrilling stack of books I plan to read next (as soon as revisions are done) WHOOPEE!:


I am tremendously excited about all of these, especially the new Kate Atkinson and the new David Mitchell and the whole Temeraire series by Naomi Novik (more about this one day). 

Well, OK, “tremendously excited” might be stretching it for The Count of Monte Cristo, but I’m afraid that is the next ridiculous classic my husband has voted we should read together (the last one was Anna Karenina), and as you can see from that bookmark, HE’S nearly finished with it.  So I can’t wuss out now, even though the print is seriously this small and it is 1,077 pages long, which is LONGER than Anna Karenina (did you know there were books longer than Anna Karenina? I DID NOT.). 

DUDE.  Why is my husband RIDICULOUS?  I can’t get him to read Ender’s Game, which is only one of the greatest books ever written not to mention an actual reasonable length, but this is the book he chooses for our marital book club?  I mean SERIOUSLY.  I think he is trying to scare me off my splendid “let’s read a book together!” idea.  But IT WON’T WORK, mister!  (Well, unless he tries to inflict Dostoevsky on me, I suppose.)

I think I should get to pick our next book, don’t you?  And it should be Jeremy Draws a Monster, by Peter McCarty, which is hilariously lovely and very popular around these parts right now.

Our new favorite book!

That’s all for today – must dash back to revisions so I can send off the manuscript and get to my giant pile of exciting books!  Woo hoo!

(New England Warriors & Seekers fans, don’t forget you still have a few chances to see Vicky on her Erin Hunter tour!  I get to see her tomorrow – I can’t wait!)

Quote of the Day: 
“‘AARRRGH!’ said the monster. ‘Draw me a sandwich!  I’m hungry!’
The monster did not say thank you.”
Jeremy Draws a Monster, Peter McCarty