Another Book to Recommend

Hello lovely readers!

Looking for something new and wonderful to read?  I know, I’m on a book-recommending kick lately, but this one is extra-shiny and new!

MillionMiles cover

As in, it was just released this week!  And I can tell you that A Million Miles from Boston is wonderful—Karen’s writing reminds me of two of my favorite authors, Sharon Creech and Rachel Vail.  Her stories are sweet without being sappy, funny and smart in just the right ways, and full of well-developed, believable, likable characters whom I wish I could have been friends with in middle school.

You can read more detailed reviews on Karen’s blog, and if you’re in the Boston area, come buy the book and hear her speak at independent bookstore Newtonville Books this Sunday (April 10) at 2pm.

I know she’s going to be doing a bunch of other events, too, but she doesn’t seem to have posted them on her blog yet.  Karen!  Ahoy!  Tell us where you’re going to be so we can come throw adoring garlands at you or something!  :-)  (Yes, I’m friends with Karen, but you should still believe me that her book is awesome, because it just so happens that I’m friends with a number of fabulous authors, because I’m lucky that way, and also maybe I stalk them sometimes.)


As for me right now, I’m busy chasing a toddler (an extremely cute and triumphant toddler) during the day while trying to revise a manuscript (which is a lot LIKE chasing a toddler) at night.  And in between, I’ve been watching the first season of The Good Wife (weirdly compelling – OK, I know, everyone loves this show, but I just discovered it, and it’s kind of fascinating) and this new show Breakout Kings, where a team of criminals tracks down fugitive bad guys in exchange for time off their sentences.  So far I really like it – it’s funnier than you’d expect, and all the characters are hiding something, so there’s somewhere to go with the storylines.  I like shows with arcs…that’s the awesome thing about TV; the writers can develop the characters more slowly and fully over time (until they’re cancelled, SIGH) instead of having to wrap everything up in two hours like movies do.  (Well, at least on good TV shows.)

So, short blogs for now, but hopefully more soon! 

Quote of the Day:  “When you were little, the other mothers used to tell me that you’d never find anybody, but I said, ‘no, no, no!  She’s a perfectly okay child — she’ll grow into her looks!’  And you know what?  I believe you still might.” — Sue Sylvester’s mom Doris to Sue, Glee