See Erin Hunter on Tour!

That’s right, it’s a real live Warriors tour!  Starring the one and only Vicky Holmes!  She’s coming to the USA, like, THIS WEEK and you could meet her!  I know there’s about a bajillion of you serious Warriors fans out there who keep wishing Erin Hunter would come to your town…so if you’re anywhere in the Northeast (especially NJ/NY/CT/VT/MA), seize the opportunity and chase her down!  🙂

Here’s her full schedule – starting this Tuesday (April 5) in Princeton, NJ, and ending Saturday, April 16, in Brookline, Massachusetts.

You can also follow along with her
tour diary to see how the trip is going!

Don’t miss out; Vicky’s the one with all the Warriors answers, and she’s brilliant, and she’s even more thrilling in person.  I know I’M going to make sure I see her while she’s here! 

After all, she has to meet my charming young gentleman, who has now Achieved Walking, and is QUITE pleased with himself.  🙂

Hey, this isn’t so hard!

Look at me go!

Busy, busy, busy

I have to explore this entire playground before someone makes me go inside…

Next mission: climbing!  Mwa ha ha ha ha…

I hope you’re all having a wonderful slowly-finally-warming-up April, and that lots of you get to see Vicky in action.  Sorry if she’s not coming near your town…but hopefully she will next time!

More soon!

Quote of the Day:  “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” – Terry Pratchett