Brought To You By Panicking About Deadlines

Cannot possibly blog tonight!  Must be writing instead!  So I’ve been looking for something interesting to link to for you, and wasting WAY TOO MUCH TIME; this is terrible.  Internet!  Just interesting enough to suck me in but not interesting enough to re-post and save me time!  Bah!  Why are you torturing me?

If only I had something cute of my own to post pictures of… 

But in fact, I barely even have any decent baby photos right now, because all the recent ones are blurs of movement as the young man tests out his new crawling and cruising mad skillz.

A rare pause to examine something, most likely something that definitely should not and certainly will end up in his mouth

He’s getting ever more hilarious and adorable and super-fun, BUT I HAVE A BOOK DUE IN TWO WEEKS.

So I must go away and panic about that for a while.  How’s about some links instead?  🙂

Another hilarious Cute Overload cat

…and some disapproving bunnies.

And also this video of a hilarious game you could be playing with your cat:

Ha!  I think Sunshine would approve.  Until she remembers that she too is a laser dot chaser, and realizes this could happen to her.  Although I’m sure we would never do any such thing!  Unless the baby needs amusing, of course.  😉

It’s a REMOTE!  Delicious and flashy AND forbidden!  I WIN! 

I’m going to go ahead and guess I won’t be blogging next week, so see you all hopefully after the manuscript is finished!  Happy March!

P.S.  Oscars?  Meh.  I loved The King’s Speech and Colin Firth and Natalie Portman’s dress, but I knew I did not have time to watch all four hours of nonsense, so someone kindly fast-forwarded to the funny bits for me, which were few and far between.  The best part?  Discovering that Zachary Levi (Chuck on Chuck) can sing!  Aw, he’s the cutest.  Yup, those are my deep Oscar thoughts this year…

Addendum:  Wait!  I was wrong!  There ARE still wonderful things on the Internet!  Namely, this:

Oh my word, that is the most awesome video ever.  Babies are SO GREAT!  (Jonah reacts that way to everything the dogs do (when Maui and Sunshine are together) – it’s the best part of the day for all of us.  Well, except maybe for the one who ends up getting his tail pulled, but he’s clearly asking for it!)

Thank you, Internet!  I’m sorry for not believing in you.  😉

Quote of the Day: 
Phil:  You know I love your mother, but I think you also know a certain look she gets that says, “Just listen to me, I’m always right.”
Hayley:  You mean her face?
Modern Family