The Baby Leaves Me All in Awe :-)

Hello everyone!

We are entering Panic Month here at trying-to-finish-a-manuscript HQ, so you may notice the blog posts get shorter and less intelligent for a while, especially this week, when I am trying to write and also organize my baby’s FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY HOLY BATS HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???????  He’s almost one year old!  So big!  :-)  

One year ago today I was the size of a gigantic whale, wildly uncomfortable, and sleeping seventeen hours a day while I waited for my much-belated baby to get a move on and join the world.  :-)  Now I’m the size of a slightly smaller whale, and sleep more like four hours a day.  So…yay?  ;-)  But I also have the most wonderful company in the world all the time now, so I’m not actually complaining.  He’s really completely, unabashedly awesome – sweet, funny, mellow, curious, expressive, and enthusiastic about all the best things (dogs, books, bananas, getting tickled, etc.).  :-)  

So, yeah, this part is MUCH better than the being-pregnant part!  Even when I’m also panicking about writing and parties and tidying and school visits ACK.  But!  At least next week there might be baby birthday photos, so there’s that to look forward to!  😉

In the meanwhile, behold!  A thoroughly hilarious Katy Perry video!:

I totally love girl pop music you can dance to, including this song, and I’m not ashamed to admit it!  And I’m not alone – Kristin Cashore sent me this video, as I hadn’t seen it yet, and made the entirely accurate observation that it looks like all these self-actualizing people are actually kind of self-exploding.  Fireworks are bursting out of their chests!  It’s both hilariously literal and a little alarming!  Katy Perry in particular looks kind of like a malfunctioning Cylon blowing sparks off the roof.  And I don’t remember feeling like a beautiful firework while I was in labor (unless that’s supposed to represent heartburn, maybe).  HMMMMM.

But we love it anyway!  The video and the song!  It’s true, you ARE a firework!  Let your colors burst!  Just, not from inside your chest, preferably.  🙂

(I especially like the non-Hollywood female body types, and the fact that Katy isn’t in one of her super-revealing outfits to provide contrast.  Also the guy who performs magic tricks to freak out his muggers.  Ha!  Also?  Katy’s purple hair and Wonder Woman bracelets.  Awesome!  Want!)

So I’m afraid that’s your insightful blog post for today…if you want similar sentiments expressed in a much more clever, funny way, check out Kristin’s newest blog, which totally made me laugh – especially the part about Spike!  🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day (or Interplanetary Be Who You Are Day!) to all of you, and happy happy birthday to my little bear!  Yay yay yay!

Quote of the Day:
Telegram to a friend who’d just given birth: 
“Congratulations.  We all knew you had it in you.”
Dorothy Parker