Ridiculously Eventful Weekend . . . so . . . tired . . .

Hi hi hi!

Oh my goodness, you guys, we have totally blown the baby’s mind.  We took him to D.C. this weekend and MUCH CRAZINESS ensued!  Craziness like RALLYING FOR SANITY!  With roughly approximately six billion other people!

Rally1 - big
Don’t we look tremendously sane to you?

Of course, being on the baby’s unpredictable schedule, we managed to get there in time to essentially miss most of the rally while still getting stuck in the hundreds of thousands of people trying to leave afterwards.  It was MADNESS.  We couldn’t find anywhere to eat because everything was full for hours, and the subway shut down spontaneously, and there were people in all directions…thank goodness for the incredibly goodness of our little person, who was EXTREMELY patient with us and the whole universe all day.

Still a few blocks from the rally itself, but you can see some of the hordes of people behind us…

Of course, now that we’re home, he’s letting us know quite firmly that he doesn’t appreciate having his schedule disrupted in that fashion (either that or he’s teething! ruh-roh!), but that’s OK, it was still a fun trip.  Especially since we got to see family & friends and take the baby through the airport in a tiger costume!  :)  :)  🙂

Cute, cute, and SUPER CUTE.

He was pretty befuddled by the whole Halloween thing (“boy, I really thought I’d figured out the world, and now I find out there are elves and baby pumpkins and zombies and people with blue hair wandering around?  why didn’t anyone think to warn me about this?”), although he took it all in stride…he’s kind of an intrepid little guy so far (knock on wood!).

Tiny tiger with excellent grandparents! 

Tiny tiger with excellent dad!

So, it was a bit bananas, with lots of traveling and lots of baby-in-the-Ergo and lots of walking and lots of sensory overload (baby also had saag paneer for the first time and LURVED it), and we’re all pretty tired now.  But it was still exciting!  And awesome to see everyone! 

And now we plan to stay home and recover until Thanksgiving.  Woo hoo!  🙂

Tiny tigers are grrrrrrrrreat!  (I know, topical AND hilarious…) 

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and that you’re enjoying autumn and the beautiful leaves everywhere!  🙂

Quote of the Day:  “Most of all, I’ve learned to keep things in perspective.  The important thing for every American to remember, whether you are happy or depressed by tonight’s results, is: this is how it will be forever.  The 2010 election is the election to end all elections.  It will be the last time anyone has a chance to affect the composition of our government.  You see, this conservative wave is just like a wave on the ocean, in that once it has crested, foamed, and reached land, there will never be another wave.” 
Stephen Colbert