A Brief Foray Into Serious Thoughts

Hello October!  Boy, did you sneak up on me!


Especially this cold weather…totally not OK!  I wonder if the baby would like to spend the winter with me and Sunshine, snuggling under lots of blankets in bed.  Doesn’t that sound more fun than trying to find warm-enough winter clothes every day?  I mean, really.  Pants are so hard!  Pyjamas are so easy!  Sigh!  🙂

OK, so normally I don’t post about serious things – there are lots of other bloggers out there who do that much better than I could.  But there are some issues I care about a lot, and one of them is letting people, especially kids, be who they are without judging, bullying, disrespecting, or hating them…especially when it’s because of who they love, and it’s heartbreaking that anyone should have to suffer for something like that.

I am so hopeful about how things are changing in this country: how Mitchell and Cameron are just another (wonderful, hilarious, lovable) couple on Modern Family, how beloved celebrities are coming out without fear, how public opinion is shifting toward legalizing same-sex marriage, how a majority of us believe homosexuals should be allowed to serve openly in the military (what is wrong with you, Congress?).  I know it’s still really, really hard, especially for gay teens and especially in conservative communities…but I believe it’s getting better, and I promise that things do get better after middle & high school, particularly if you’re one of the different/unique/“weird” kids (like I was…like all my friends were!). 

You don’t have to take my word for it; check out the videos at the It Gets Better Project – the first one, Dan and Terry (who started the project), made me cry.

And again, there are others who can say this all better than I can, so let me just give you three of my very favorite famous people:

Can you imagine?  A world without Tim Gunn would have been a much sadder, less fabulous place.  A world without you would also be a much sadder, less fabulous place.  Trust me.  Trust Tim!  No matter how awful things are now, hang in there!  

OK, to end on a cheerier note…remember Zenyatta, the incredible undefeated horse I posted about a while ago?  Well, she ran her 19th race a few days ago…

Holy bananas.  She is so amazing!  She keeps winning in the very last stretch!  As if she knows how to keep an audience in suspense up to the final seconds…

My goodness.  I wish more of the books I read (and write!) were that suspenseful.  🙂

Happy October, everyone!  Let’s make it a happier, less stressful month than September.  :-)  And let’s all attend the Rally to Restore Sanity!  Yay!

Quote of the Day:  There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it. — The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis