Why Blog When You Can Chat? :-)


Hi lovely people!

You’ll notice a theme to my posts this month; it’s something along the lines of “ACK WORKING WORKING DEADLINES ARE TRYING TO KILL ME NO TIME TO BLOG ACK!”  Of course, at the same time I’m trying to be all responsible about blogging again, since I was terrible for so long.  So WHAT TO DO?

Luckily, the spirits of the Internet have been kind to me this week, by making THIS excitement materialize in my inbox just in the nick of time!:

Wands and Worlds chat transcript, part one!

Wands and Worlds chat transcript, part two!

Remember that chat all the Erin Hunters did on the Wands and Worlds site back in August?  Well, now the transcript is up!  Hooray!  Thanks to Sheila Ruth’s hard work at editing, you can now see our rather long-winded madcap conversation with bazillions (just guesstimating) of extremely fast-typing, astonishingly knowledgeable, fantastically funny fans!  Including all of Vicky’s carefully thought-out (and occasionally slightly evil) answers to all sorts of deep dark Warriors questions.  YIPPEE!

You’ll also discover that I was tragically (er, I mean fashionably!) late to the chat, because I have baby brain and nothing stays in my head anymore.  It’s only by reading this transcript that I’ve discovered how much trouble I was in!  WICKED Tui!  Although there’s some hilarious food-related time-filler chat until I get there…but I’m very sorry I was late, everyone!  And then when I show up it turns out I mostly talk about TV and the Old Spice Guy and all the cute guys on TV.  Yeep!  It’s like hard physical evidence of how my brain is currently working at half speed due to sleep deprivation!  My GOODNESS.  You just can’t take me anywhere these days.  :-) 

Anyway, reading all of that should definitely take you as long as reading one of my blogs, so that’s what you get for this week.  Have fun!  :-)  Hopefully by next Wednesday, this looming manuscript will be done!  (Well, the first draft, anyway.)  Cross your fingers for me! 

(or your feet!)  🙂 

Quote of the Day:  “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” – Oscar Wilde