Spies, Superheroes, Babies, and Zombies: It’s New TV Time!

Hi hi hi!

It’s September!  You know what that means?  TV IS COMING!  TV IS COMING!

(Yes, sorry, Mom, I’m blogging about TV this week.  That’s what happens when I’m buried in a manuscript with a deadline sitting on my head and I have to save all my writer-y wisdom for that.  It means YOU guys are stuck with the rest of my brain, which is currently nothing but YAY TV and, as always, baby photos.)  🙂

So I went and made my annual list of premiere dates for all my favorite shows, thinking I was only adding two new shows this year, only to discover that SIX other new shows somehow snuck on there!  What!  I have a baby!  I don’t have time for MORE TV!  Although, to be fair, I lost a bunch of shows last year.  (RIP, Dollhouse, Lost, and Flash Forward!)  And at least half of these will definitely be canceled by December.  (Ouch!  It must be so sad to be a TV showrunner!)  And I’ll probably only watch the first episode of a couple of them, if they turn out to be terrible.

That’s what I’m telling myself, anyhow!  😉

Here’s the one I’m most excited about:

Because SUPERHEROES!  And Darla!  And it’s like a live-action The Incredibles!  And hopefully it’ll be funny.  I’m a little worried about the trailer being so much “We need to talk”/“There’s something I need to tell you”, because exposition isn’t gripping TV (not very exciting in book form, either).  And I’m especially concerned about the teenagers being all “EW, SUPERPOWERS?  No THANK you! Who wants THOSE!”  Rrrrreally?  Wouldn’t it be more interesting storytelling if they were psyched about them?  (Like how Hiro was the most likable character on Heroes (well, at least at first) because he was so excited about his?) Of course I’m way more intrigued by the mind-reading high school girl than the indestructible cop dad.  I hope the writers go in surprising directions with all this, because it could be really cool if they do!

Number two on my list:

It’s the new Alias!  Woot!  Only this time they’re hot married spies!  And it kind of looks hilarious!  Also did I mention how hot they are?  I mean SERIOUSLY.  (Warning: this trailer features repeated use of the word “sexpionage,” which, as a writer, I cannot fully support, because: ridiculous.  I bet you there was someone at the network who really wanted that to be the title of the show!)

And then I think I have to check out this show, because it’s about a BABY!, and this trailer made me laugh:

Aww.  Cute baby!  Although we’ll have to see if I can handle the vicarious anxiety of watching this dad not strap in the car seat and so forth.  Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Also, part of me wants to try The Walking Dead, the new zombie show on AMC, because they’re the home of the awesome Mad Men and you know I love the post-apocalyptic stuff (plus: Sara from Prison Break! and my favorite guy from Jericho! yeah, I totally watched that show).  But considering I couldn’t even handle the trailer (EW!  Dead cat in the first five seconds!  GROSS!), methinks I might not be remotely tough enough for weekly zombies.

The last few shows I might check out are mostly because people I like are on them:  Mike and Molly (Sookie from Gilmore Girls!), Hawaii 5-0 (Sharon from Battlestar Galactica!), Lone Star (Tyra from Friday Night Lights!), and Nikita (OK, no excuses here; I just like heroines who kick butt).

But even if none of those shows are any good, as long as The Vampire Diaries, The Amazing Race, Chuck, and Community are back on my TV, I’ll be happy!  🙂

(By the way, in the course of watching all these previews again, I’ve discovered that Never Let Me Go, one of my favorite books from a couple years ago, is now a movie!  Coming out, like, next week!  Starring Carey Mulligan (love her!) and Keira Knightley!  OMG, where have I been?  Amanda, my friend who also loved that book, did you know about this?)

OK, one last piece of TV news: Kristen Bell has re-sparked the quest for a Veronica Mars movie!  YES THIS MUST HAPPEN YES.  If you miss Wallace and Logan and Veronica like I do, there’s a Facebook group you can join and everything!  🙂

And finally, in conclusion:

All my favorite people in one glorious chair!  🙂 

OK, that counts as a blog, right?  Now I can go back to my manuscript, where our heroes are currently escaping through a tunnel but might end up in (gasp!) CANADA! (dum dum DUM!)  Oh noes!  Peril and despair!  OK, yeah, someone’s getting tired.  I better write fast… 

Happy Rosh Hashanah, everyone!  🙂

Quote of the Day:
Mike:  Hey, you want to watch the World Cup with me?  It’s really fun, and nobody ever wants to.
Stephanie:  No.  I’m not going to sit in a bar and watch grown men kick a ball around.  It’s a beautiful day!  I should be in a mall somewhere!
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