Your Next Favorite Book . . .

(not by me, that is!)

…could be one of these!

Firelight cover   Paranormalcy cover

Why do I say that?  Because I have read them both and they are AWESOME.  If you’re done with Mockingjay (which I’m not I haven’t even started yet don’t say anything ack!) and looking for the next fantastic YA novel, try Firelight and Paranormalcy!

Yes, Firelight doesn’t even come out for another couple of days, and Paranormalcy just released yesterday, but I have fabulous inside sources who hooked me up with advance copies.  So I’ve known about them for months, but I wanted to let you know at a time when you could actually get them, or else it would basically just be like torturing you.  (AMAZING THINGS…are coming.  But you can’t have them yet.  Ahaha!)

But now you can run out and get them and love them like I do! 

Firelight is a compelling, sizzling paranormal romance with a fantastic shapeshifting heroine and a great spin on the genre; I couldn’t put it down, and I want book two RIGHT NOW!  Check out the awesome book trailer!:

So cool!  I want an awesome book trailer like that!  How do people do these things?  Visit Sophie Jordan’s website for more info!

Then head on over to the Paranormalcy website, where author Kiersten White has the cutest blog.  I LOVE her.  I think we might be kindred spirits.  Kiersten, be my BFF!

Another awesome book trailer!:

Intrigued?  Amused?  That’s exactly what the book is like – hilarious, fast-paced, surprising, and, as I may have mentioned, awesome.  Read it!  Read it!  Yay!

Seriously, I usually save my book recommendations for the end of the year, but these two are so great, I had to tell you about them now.  :-)  I hope you like them, too!  If you liked Avatars and/or Never Bite a Boy on the First Date, these should be right up your alley.  🙂

More soon!  I can’t believe it’s September already!  Here comes new TV YAY!  Now if only it would cool down and feel like September. 

(P.S. How excited am I that Jonathan from Buffy (i.e. actor Danny Strong) has just showed up on Mad Men?  Where we already have the wonderful Christina Hendricks from Firefly?  Joan is so my favorite character.  Yay Whedonverse reunion!  :-)  It’s even more exciting than finding Wallace and D’Angelo from The Wire over on Friday Night Lights.  I wish all my favorite actors on my favorite TV shows would keep finding other equally excellent TV shows to be on!  Wentworth Miller and Jason Dohring, I’m so talking to you.) 

Quote of the Day: 
Danny: You know what they say: aspiration’s as good as perspiration!
Don: That’s not how it goes.
Mad Men