I Really Am Working Instead of Reading Mockingjay (For Now!)

Oh NOES!  It’s blog day, but I’ve been busy revising and totally forgot to come up with something clever and/or fascinating to say!

Hmmmmmmm.  Looks like I’ll have to share some hilarity instead!  For instance, this awesome trailer, which is mostly only awesome for anyone else who was in elementary school in the early 90s:

It’s really kind of amazing how almost everyone my age remembers playing Oregon Trail, which was often the first real computer game most of us ever saw.  (Plus we were allowed to play it IN SCHOOL!  Because it was EDUCATIONAL!  And yet there was plenty of Indian attacks and diphtheria to keep things interesting!)

And for everyone else, I’ll pass along this fun link in honor of MockingjayFind Your Hunger Games Name!  Mine is Maless S. Flylily.  Which is hilarious enough, until I tell you that my mom’s was Thiless S. Squirmgladioli.  Ha ha ha!  She has an interesting brain.  🙂

That site also has a great Hunger Games Drinking Game (not that I would ever encourage such a thing), but be careful if you wander around on there, because I suspect there are Mockingjay spoilers galore!  ACK!  RUN!  I am covering my eyes everywhere I’d normally go on the Internet, because I haven’t read it yet, and I’m deliberately not letting myself read it until I fulfill at least one of my September deadlines.  (If I were very good, I’d finish both first.  BUT I AM NOT THAT STRONG!  No one is!) 

So I’m powering through this revision which is due September 1st, and then I will turn off all my communication devices, hand the baby to my husband, and go hang out with Katniss and Peeta and Gale until my brain is all scooped out and wired on all the awesome, which is how the first two books left me feeling.  Yay!  I can’t wait!  In the meanwhile, nobody tell me anything!  SERIOUSLY OR ELSE I WILL KATNISS YOU.

And now, your baby photo for the week:

Close Encounters with Pea Puree!

Yay!  And also: welcome to the world, little Klara!  We can’t wait to meet you!  🙂

More soon!

Quote of the Day:
Kenny: I’ve got two sisters complaining about everything.  I have to clean my toothbrush handle!
Bobby:  Oh, yeah, the toothpaste ooze settles down into the toothpaste mug — drives them crazy.
Mike:  And that is why I’m single.
Bobby:  That’s not why you’re single.
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