It is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS that I have not posted this yet

Look look!

Seekers5 Cover

Yes, it’s Book Five of Seekers, which I was lucky enough to write, and yes, it came out TWO MONTHS AGO, and yet I in all my lameness have taken this long to post about it.  Terrible!  Bad Tui!

It’s extra-specially lame of me because HOW AMAZING is this cover?  I LOVE it!  I was hoping the aurora borealis would be featured (as that’s the “fire in the sky” of the title), and I figured that’d be beautiful, but this is really really cool.  Yay gorgeous book! 

And yay for it hitting the New York Times bestseller list, too (way back in May!)!  Huzzah for Seekers!

This one was also super-fun to write because most of it takes place (mini-spoiler alert!) on the ice, and frankly, I sort of felt like I was running out of ways to describe trees.  Describing ice instead: entirely new challenge!  Fun!  Whee!  🙂

AND it is tragically current/prescient, because there’s an oil spill subplot (gasp!), and of course this was outlined/written ages ago, so everyone bow down to Vicky’s eerie precognitive abilities (while hoping she’s not right about everything, or else we’d better all lock up our cats somewhere safe).  😉

Plus there’s only one more book in the series after this (looks like the title is Spirits in the Stars…ooooooo!), although rumor has it that might not be the last you see of these bears…

So if you haven’t already (although I’m sure all you savvy Erin Hunter fans are far more on top of things than I am!), run out and read it!  And I really hope you like it!  🙂

AAANNNNDDD this seems like a good time to announce that ALL THE ERIN HUNTERS (me, Vicky, Kate, and Cherith!) are doing another THRILLING ONLINE CHAT at wonderful website Wands and Worlds on August 14 at 7pm (EST)!  YES!  YOU can come join us and ask Vicky all these great questions I keep seeing on Facebook but either can’t or mustn’t answer myself!  :-)  Doesn’t that sound thrilling?  If so, scoot on over there right now and register (quick before the August 7 deadline!) or else you won’t be able to participate, and that would be MOST SAD. 

I can’t wait to chat with you all!  Yay yay yay!

OK, to fill out the rest of this blog post…baby photos!  (what else?) 

Jonah-bear had his first swimming experience over the July 4th weekend, which was HI-larious:

This…is puzzling.

OK, seriously, why is this happening to me?

All right, maybe this is a LITTLE fun…

OK, fine, possibly this is a LOT fun.

But gee, Mom and Dad get excited over the weirdest things!

And also his fabulous Uncle Steve hung up a splendid swing for him:



Extremely dubious…

Mildly alarmed…



Awwwwww…such a funny, splendid, patient baby!  I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th too…it’s a busy month for us, so I’ll try to post again soon, but I promise to be better for real starting in August!  🙂

Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it, Mom…

Quote of the Day:
"Poor thing" is not usually what people say to castles, but Madlyn was right.  Clawstone did not look well.

The Beasts of Clawstone Castle, by Eva Ibbotson