Time for a Truckload of Baby Photos!


Hi everyone!  It’s Mother’s Day…my first Mother’s Day as a mom!  EEEP!  Hooray!  So I’m going to celebrate by inundating you with baby photos — hope that’s OK!  🙂

My little pirate captain!  (Yes, we think hooded towels are TOO MUCH FUN!)

Adam wisely pointed out that this means one more day a year when there’s an excuse to give me presents.  YAY!  I hadn’t even thought of that upside of parenting.  😉

A Glorious Chair of his very own!  🙂

This year Jonah, being a very thoughtful and precocious three-month-old, gave me roses and chocolates!  Awww…greatest baby ever!  🙂



My goodness, I just hope he can come up with something equally awesome for Father’s Day.  Dads are much harder to buy for!  

World’s Most Splendiferous Dad  🙂

But I’m sure he’s already thinking about it…

No, that won’t do… 
…in between all his other accomplishments.

Such as tummy time!

And thinking Deep Serious Thoughts.  🙂

Well, we think it’s pretty impressive, anyway.  😉  
As do I!  

Anyway, it was a totally wonderful first Mother’s Day, and I appreciate all the happy wishes very much!  I also really appreciate all my friends who are moms, who have given me such helpful advice (and such adorable hand-me-downs!).  :-)  And I SUPER appreciate my own mom, who made being an excellent mother look so easy, and who makes me hope I can do half as good a job as she did.  🙂

I’m also thankful for fabulous Adam, who really deserves presents every day of the year!  And most of all, I appreciate the splendid little person who makes being a mommy so completely awesome.  🙂

How does one get the fun job of designing hilarious baby outfits?  I ask you.

Yay fantabulous baby! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!  :-)  :-)  🙂

Quote of the Day: 
The Doctor: Never mind them.  Big day tomorrow!
Amy:  Sorry, what?
The Doctor: Well, it’s always a big day tomorrow.  I’ve got a time machine.  I skip the little ones.
Doctor Who