Once Upon a Movie…

Hi hi hi!

So, I’ve actually had two books come out in the last few months which I haven’t even told you about at all.  I know, I’m terrible, but let’s blame my baby-fuzzy brain, and the fact that I wrote these so long ago, and also that I didn’t know exactly when they were coming out.  Although since they were both tied to movies, I prrrrrrroooooobably could have figured it out, la la la… ;-)  Tsk, tsk.

Yes, every now and then I get to write movie tie-ins for Disney, like the books for the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie:

Pirates Storybook     Pirates Jr Novel

It’s really fun because I get to read the movie script way before the movie comes out (as long as I triple promise not to go on the Internet and spoil any of the secrets!).  Of course, that also makes it a bit stressful, because I always worry that some of my details won’t match what the movie ultimately looks like.  But it’s so interesting to read a screenplay and then try to add in what the characters are thinking and everything else that’s not in there.

So the first one I forgot to tell you about is Disney’s A Christmas Carol storybook, adapted from the screenplay by me:

ChristmasCarol Storybook

Isn’t that a great cover?  Writing this one was a little weird, because it’s based on the Charles Dickens story, and this screenplay stayed really true to the original text, so adapting it back into story form was kind of odd!  But it had to be shorter and more kid-friendly, of course, so hopefully it works…it certainly has lots of cool photos from a very cool-looking movie, at least!  🙂

The other one is also based on a famous Victorian book, but this movie was QUITE different from the original!

Alice Novelization2 

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland was so much fun to adapt — what a fascinating twist on a book that I’ve always loved!  And I just got my copies of the book in the mail, and they are beautiful.  I love the binding and the silver font and the feel of them…this might be my prettiest book ever.  :-)  (I’m such a sucker for special effects on covers!)

Here’s a different shot of it, although the colors are more accurate in the above photo:

Alice Novelization 

So pretty!  Anyway, if you liked the movies, hopefully you’ll like the books, too!

And now it’s time for…Obligatory Baby Photo!  🙂


Awwww!  Yup, he’s in a hilarious lamb-themed swing here.  With EARS!  :-) 

Also, last weekend we got to visit with wonderful Gloria, who was my nanny in Venezuela when I was his age — isn’t that awesome? 

So much happy!

Gloria’s girls & Jonah  🙂


My squishy little guy is getting BIG — he’s all smiles and coos and he watches everything with huge eyes.  And he still loves jazz (Daddy’s boy!); Duke Ellington and John Coltrane can calm him down in a flash (yes, he has excellent taste).  We also have some favorite books now (I’m sure he totally agrees with me on these) ;-), but I’ll talk about those next time!  🙂

And P.S., since I haven’t talked about TV in ages, can I just mention how happy I am that Doctor Who is back, and SO awesome?  Also loving The Vampire Diaries, Glee (of course!), Castle, Chuck, and Modern Family.  Er, not that I have time for TV or anything, but when we do catch up, I’m glad there’s stuff worth watching! 

Quote of the Day:  "Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" — Brittany to Santana on Glee