Yes, It’s (Shockingly) More Baby Photos :-)


I have to write a blog about the super-fun school visit I did last week, and hopefully I’ll get to do that this weekend, but in the meanwhile it’s been too long since I last posted baby photos (and I have faraway relatives to think of!), so…more baby photos!  :-)  Lucky you guys!  😉

(Yes, this pacifier has a bear attached to it.  Isn’t that adorable?  He LOVES it!)

Oh, OK, here’s an author-y thing (I’m sneaking it in amid the baby photos): Vicky is here!  Vicky Holmes!  In the United States!  Yaaayyyy!!!!  Warriors fans know who I’m talking about.  The heart and soul of Erin Hunter!  The one with all the answers about everything that’s going to happen!  And she’s touring RIGHT NOW!  But only for one more week, so quick, if you’re in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California, this could be your chance to see her!

Here’s all the tour information.  And check out her tour diary on the official Warriors website, too!  (Ooo, where there are also a few free book sweepstakes happening…so cool!)  I hope you get to meet her…she is the AWESOMEST.  🙂

OK, back to baby photos…


Getting sweeter and squashier and snugglier all the time…  :o)

Whoa.  That toy is rattling at me!  Dude!

Now we are ALL in the Glorious Chair!

Yay baby!  And a more author-y post coming soon, I promise!  🙂

Tui  🙂