Actual Writing News! (OK, and more baby photos!)

First things first:


Awwwwww.  They’ll be best friends in no time!  :-)  Actually, Sunshine is adjusting surprisingly well, I think — whenever I sit down with him, she comes over to guard us.

Of course, here she’s co-opted his feeding pillow, but I think she meant it in a loving way. 😉

Sometimes she’ll even guard him when he’s on someone else…although in the rare moments when my lap is free, that’s where she prefers to be (for instance, right now…can you imagine why I’m having trouble getting any writing or blogging done?).

Precisely the intended purpose of the Glorious Chair of Awesomeness: room for baby, Grandpa, AND intrepid guard dog! 

Jonah is still the sweetest, funniest baby — he’s moved on to smiling, lifting his head, and going "ah-gooooo!" whenever he’s amused by us.  (I didn’t know babies literally said "goo", but apparently this one does!)

Obi Wan Cute-tastic!

In the meanwhile, I know have been very remiss about my bloggerly/authorly duties, particularly because I have yet to send you all to this awesome website,, where right now there’s a special feature on Oh No, Newf!, including a fabulously written, brilliantly insightful review of the book, and an interview with me!  :-)  Huzzah!

It’s also a great website to explore, with fun trivia quizzes — including a couple about Warriors that were even a little hard for me!  (Well, there is a lot to remember with those books, although Warriors fans seem exceptionally good at that!)

And I missed out on telling you about a Pet Trouble contest over at the Girls’ Life website in February — but you can still go over there and read the winning entries!  These are such funny embarrassing pet stories…it’s amazing what our dogs can get up to!  Anyway, I’m sorry I didn’t post about it here at the time.  I was a little busy having a baby that month, but still, bad Tui!  I promise I’ll let you know right away next time there’s a contest like that.  🙂

Also!  Are you a fan of Newfoundlands?  Do you have any idea how much Newfoundland-themed merchandise there is out there?  Well, if you’d like to find out, check out Newf Emporium, where you can currently buy an autographed copy of Oh No, Newf!  Isn’t that cool? 

In Warriors news, my bio has been added to the official Warriors website, if anyone wants to know a bit more about the dogs I had growing up or how I got into writing the books with Vicky, Kate, and Cherith.  🙂

And finally, one of my wonderful publishing friends, Mara Conlon, has a new book out, with a hilarious accompanying photo blog: Why Men Make Bad Pets!  Check it out!  (Warning: some of the jokes are a bit adult.)  Too funny!  Yay Mara!

OK, back to the main event:

Squishy!  Snuggly!  Smooshy!

Hee!  (Why yes, most of his outfits ARE dog-themed; what a coincidence!)  

And we do have far too much fun taking photos of him in the car seat, when he’s extra squished-up and hilarious.  🙂


Behind him in the above photo is his favorite wall — it’s decorated with photo frames of pictures we’ve taken on various trips, so it’s a lot of geometric shapes and dark/light contrast, and he loves staring at it.  It’s completely hilarious.  (That’s usually his expression when he spots it, too…"whoa!  Favorite wall!  Guys, check out this wall!  It’s wicked awesome!") 

Monsieur Adorable

OK, I can hear him waking up in the next room, so I’d better go…snuggles and happy squishiness to all of you out there!

Tui  🙂