Portrait of the Writer, age 7

OMG, you guys, I can’t even EXPRESS how sick I was this past week.  Turns out being pregnant makes all stomach tragedies infinitely worse.  WOE is ME.  I couldn’t eat anything all day Tuesday, which of course made little mister baby rather disgruntled, so there was a lot of flailing and poking, which, needless to say, did not help at ALL.

But I managed to drag myself out on Wednesday to do a bookstore event at Barnes & Noble, which was really fun despite my lack of functioning brain cells (yay for everyone who came!  you guys are the best!).  :-)  And I seem to be all better now (WOO HOO!), but there’s so much to do before Christmas!  Ack!  Bah!

So instead of a long belated blog this week, I’m going to share two hilarious things (well, I think they’re hilarious!).

The first is an essay I wrote when I was about seven or eight years old.  I found it as I was going through old papers, which is one of the big projects I’m trying to finish up before the baby arrives.  I’ve found a TRUCKLOAD of old writing from when I was a kid, so I might share some more of it later if anyone is interested.  :-) 

I think it’s all kind of funny, especially my lengthy notes on the planet Manglosh, which was apparently a centerpiece of something very important I never got around to writing.  For instance, I found the class schedule carefully planned for all the aliens (7am-8am Manglosh Language, 8am-9am Manglosh Geography…).  There’s nothing about what the STORY was going to be, but I sure do have a lot of VERY SPECIFIC details worked out on how the alien kids spend their days (turns out: strikingly similarly to how I spent my days in fifth grade).

Anyway, the topic of this essay was apparently the classic: "What are you going to be when you grow up?"  This is what I wrote:


I’m going to be a writer, and I will write both poems and stories.  I think I’ll be good at it because I have lots more imagination than my friends.  They don’t believe in fairies!  (But Brenna does.)  One of my poems is:

Out of the blue
Into the sky
Came a bird
Flying high.

I like it.  So does my mom.  I like believing in imaginary things like monsters and fairies.  When I grow up (maybe even now) I’m going to write a book called "Poems and Stories" by Tui Sutherland.  It’s going to have both poems and stories in it.  Well, I’ve talked too much so goodbye.

P.S. I might be an artist, too.


I think my favorite part of this might be the sentence about my mom liking my poem.  Also the extremely graceful conclusion, not to mention the dazzling artwork at the end.  ;-)  Somebody’s written "Very Good!" at the top in red pen…but that could also have been my mom.  Hmmmm!

Well, my poetic career hasn’t quite happened (and luckily for EVERYONE I’m not an artist!), but I’m glad 7-year-old me was as excited about being a writer as present-day me.  :-)  

Finally,  I’ll leave you with the cutest thing I’ve seen all week (my Christmas present to you!):

OMG It’s a BABIES DOCUMENTARY!!!  Can you believe this is a real movie?  BABIES BEING ADORABLE ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!  If only it were coming out before my baby arrives!  Because it’s going to be a little silly if Adam and I go to the trouble of getting a babysitter so we can dress up and leave the baby and go to the movies to see…other babies.  But, um, we might do it anyway.  Because CUTE!  :-)  :-)  🙂

La la la — OK, I’d better go keep working on Christmas gifts and baby prep…dear oh dear.  Happy holidays to all of you!  🙂

Quote of the Day:  "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the road less traveled by and they CANCELLED MY FRIKKIN’ SHOW. I totally shoulda took the road that had all those people on it." — Joss Whedon