Yes, I’m Afraid It’s a Baby Post…but with Cupcakes! :-)

Behold!  Adorable cupcakes!


My amazingly talented friend Margaret made these for my baby shower this weekend.  Aren’t they AWESOME?  I’ve mentioned her blog before, but if you haven’t clicked over to oooh and ahhh at her gorgeous food photos and recipes, you should!  I mean, look what she can do with cupcakes!  Holy sugary snuggliness!  🙂

She did the rest of the food, too…how lucky am I to have a brilliant chef for a friend?  I mean, seriously!

IMG_5027YUM.  All pregnant girls should have chef BFFs!

And the shower itself was SO MUCH FUN.  My sister (who is essentially my favorite person on the planet, if you haven’t figured that out already) organized it, along with Margaret and my splendiferous friend Dayna and my fabulous mom, and it was as totally genius as the Amazing Race-themed bridal shower they gave me two years ago.  HOORAY!

See if you can guess the theme of this shower…

Fantabulous balloons! 

IMG_5010Magnificent party favors!

IMG_5014Mind-boggling adorable cupcakes that look like Sunshine!

IMG_5020aHilarious decorations! 

IMG_5011More hilarious decorations!  (The Buffalo Bills baby jumpsuit isn’t part of the theme; it’s just a mini-homage to Adam, who was off playing golf while all these ladies took over the house.) 

Super-fun party games!


Yup, the shower was DOG-THEMED!  HUZZAH!  Fun for me, Sunshine, and the baby, who essentially has to be a dog person, or we’re all going to be very befuddled.  :-)  Kari and her marvelous husband even made dog biscuit favors for all the attendees with dogs at home…SO cute! 

There were oodles of absolutely wonderful people there, including my lovely in-laws and some of my awesome writing group (yay!), and I would share photos of these splendid guests, but unfortunately I’m in most of them, and you may recall my policy on not sharing photos of my four-hundred-pound self (horrifying!).  Sorry…but I promise there were people there to eat the cupcakes!  (Besides me!  I didn’t eat them all myself!  Although I probably could have!)  😉

The most amazing part is that I got about a million zillion books, but no duplicates!  How unlikely is that?  Only one Where the Wild Things Are and one Toot and Puddle: You Are My Sunshine!  My friends are so talented and perspicacious.  :-)  Once we’re ready to set up the baby’s room (ack! must do that soon!), I’ll take a photo of all the books together…I can’t even tell you how excited I am about them!  

Not only that, but the Very Loud Construction in the basement is pretty much done, so this weekend we can start moving things down there, which will set off a chain reaction of moving and re-organizing that will hopefully end with a baby’s room!  (Not in the basement, don’t worry.)  A room for the baby to sleep in!  Imagine that!  Just as long as he doesn’t come early, because if he does, I’m afraid he’ll have to sleep in a drawer for a while.  La la la!  Or on a pile of picture books, maybe.  😉

In non-baby news, who saw the finale of Mad Men?  I won’t give anything away in case you didn’t, but HOLY SMOKES I love this show!  You know why?  Because it’s hilarious.  I mean, it’s also brilliantly written and impeccably cast and thoroughly researched and very dramatic and shocking (last week?! I SOBBED), but mostly?  It can be SO funny.  It would be nice if certain other shows could make a little effort in that direction (ahem, FlashForward). 

Anyway…I am thisclose to being done with my final writing assignment for the year, so I’m hope-hope-hoping that’ll mean I have time to update this website, post clever/insightful blogs about writing, organize & move my office, and also rewatch all of Buffy before the baby comes.  Oooo?  Totally feasible, right?  Especially since I can do all of those things in my pyjamas.  Woo hoo!  If you have any particular requests or suggestions for the website (either this one or Pet Trouble) or questions about writing/editing/publishing that I might be able to answer, please let me know!

I’m going to leave you with a pretty astonishing video; even if you don’t care about horse racing or about how cool it is when a girl horse beats a bunch of boy horses ;-), I think this past weekend’s Breeder’s Cup Classic is still exciting in, like, an epic sports movie kind of way:

COOL!  How crazy was that?

OK, off to get some more writing done before bed…I hope all your NaNoWriMo novels are going well, and I wish you all adorable cupcakes and fabulous friends!  🙂

Quote of the Day:
Castle: I was just trying on my Halloween costume.
Alexis: What exactly are you supposed to be?
Castle: Space cowboy!
Alexis: OK, (a) there are no cows in space.  (B) Didn’t you wear that, like, five years ago?
Castle: So?
Alexis: So, don’t you think you should move on?
Castle: I like it!
Castle  (best Firefly shout-out ever!)