Biting Boys on the Second Date Is Not Particularly Recommended Either

It’s here!  It’s here!  Shiny new book!  Hooray!

NeverBiteABoy front cover - hi-res

And you can get it on Amazon right now!  In fact, if you have a Kindle, you can get it really right now-right now, since there’s a Kindle edition, which I literally did not know until this exact moment.  How exciting!  And crazy!

I’ve been describing this book as Juno meets Dexter meets vampires, in that the narrator (Kira) is a sarcastic teen girl vampire with a bit of a violent streak.  A popular football player has been murdered at her new school, and her vampire family suspects Kira did it.  To prove her innocence, Kira must investigate the murder herself…and luckily, it turns out her three prime suspects all happen to be hot, mysterious guys (I know, it’s very realistic).  ;-)  And what better way to investigate them than by dating them, right?  Mwa ha ha…

Here’s HarperTeen’s site about the book, where you can browse inside and read the beginning and everything! 

I’m tremendously excited about this book for two big reasons: (1) it’s got everything I love to write — humor (well, I hope you find it funny!), romance, and the paranormal (in this case, vampires), and (2) I LOVE THIS COVER.  This is far and away my favorite cover I’ve ever gotten, and I think it perfectly says: Yes, this book is about vampires (yay!), but it’s also hilarious and romantic!  No brooding here!  Not only that, but it’s all my favorite colors.  :-)  Thank you, HarperTeen designers!  Specifically Sasha and Andrea!  Hooray! 

And a million thank-yous to my lovely editor as well, who said: "Would you like to write a vampire romance beach read?", to which I said: "UM YES PLEASE NOW PLEASE YES but only if it can be funny," to which she said: "Awesome.  Go for it."  :-)  I mean, I love all things vampire, but as a die-hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, I especially love the funny side of vampires, and I think we need more of it, don’t you?

Now what you guys need to do is run out and buy ten million of this book so that they’ll ask me to write a sequel.  Yay!  OK?  Excellent plan, yes?  :-)  I mean, we’ve solved one mystery, but there’s so much more that could happen!  Whee!  So, fingers crossed that people like it…

In other news, this weekend I’ll be at the MSLA Author Fest during their annual Conference, so if there are any Massachusetts librarians out there who read this blog, please stop by my table and say hi.  I’ll have FREE postcards and magnets to hand out!  :-)  Ooooo, how can you resist?  And if you actually tell me you read this blog, I’ll (a) have a heart attack with joy, and (b) let you take extras of everything!

All right, I’m off to bed, since I overslept SHOCKINGLY this morning (and I actually had somewhere to be for once!), and must really not do that again.  But I hope you all like the shiny new book, and if you have any questions for me about it, please feel free to email me through the Contact Us form on my other website (it says it’s for Sunshine-related matters, but don’t worry, your email will get to me…and I’ll respond eventually, I promise!).  🙂

Happy vampire reading!

Quote of the Day: 
Alexis:  Dad, thank God you’re home; are you OK?  Masked gunmen, body snatchers — I texted you like a thousand times!
Castle (reading her texts):  "Dad, where are you?"  "Dad, are you all right?"  "Dad, call us right away!"  "Dad, can I go see Fame with Owen on Friday?"  Hmm.  Your concern is touching.