Dr. Horrible Awesomely Steals the Emmys

Only one more week until my shiny new vampire book is available everywhere!  Hooray!  Ridiculously excited = me!

And for this book, I get to do a faintly alarming yet also thrilling marketing-type thing, namely: a PODCAST!  WOOT!  Yes, lovely HarperTeen people have sent me a hilarious little alien-looking recorder thingie which I am supposed to talk into for like half an hour, presumably about me, the book, dreamy vampires, etc.

And then it’ll be up online!  And you’ll be able to listen to it!  Through the magic of the Internets!  Isn’t that wild?  I guess savvy authors do this kind of thing all the time, but much as I LOVE talking, it has never occurred to me to record myself and post it for the whole world to listen to.  Who has time to listen to me yammering?  What am I going to say?  I can’t even pick an excerpt to read.  V. difficult decision!  I guess it should be about one of the super-hot potential murderers that Kira is investigating, but WHICH ONE?

Sigh.  I know, life is tough.  ;-)  Plus I got all ready to do it earlier, and of course that’s when Sunshine decided it would be a good time to go absolutely bananas barking at imaginary people invading the house, as she does occasionally.  And once I finally quieted her down, the phone rang (GRRSNORFT charity telemarketers!), and it occurred to me that this podcast-recording business might be the kind of thing I should save until the middle of the night, when I’ll be awake anyway, but hopefully Sunshine and all the telemarketers will be sleeping.

So, we’ll see how it goes!  But I’m excited to do it…yay podcast!  Plus the lovely marketing people sent me some fantastic questions to answer, such as: "Which of the boys would you have been most attracted to when you were in high school?"  That one’s easy…I’ve always liked funny boys, plus Milo buys Kira ice cream (SCORE!), so he wins, even over the dreamy mysterious Will Smith lookalike.  🙂

Speaking of funny boys, did you all watch the Emmys?  I don’t normally, but this year NEIL PATRICK HARRIS was the host, and he is in strong contention to become my new #1 celebrity crush (and yes, I know, but I’m afraid I’ve always liked those boys, too).  ;-)  He is MAD HILARIOUS.  I thought he did an awesome job, and I am SO HAPPY that How I Met Your Mother is back and that Barney and Robin are actually a couple (in their own way) right now.  YAY!

PLUS!  The entire Emmys were made worthwhile by a particularly awesome surprise appearance…from none other than DR. HORRIBLE!  WOO HOO!  Check it out!:

So much love.  "Like the Ottoman Empire, the music industry, and Zima, we’re here to stay!"  I hope the rumors of a Dr. Horrible sequel in the works are true…

And just as Mad Men was winning the Emmy for Best Drama, it was also having one of its most mind-boggling episodes ever over on AMC.  Gory hilarity!  No spoilers here, but if you’re not watching this show, FIX THAT.

Wow, is it really nearly October?  How did that happen?  Why do I suddenly have so much to do?  Well, I guess I’d better get back to podcasts and revisions and new Pet Trouble books and pages for my writing group.  Must…not…get distracted by all the new TV…but just incidentally, hooray for new TV at last!  🙂

Quote of the Day: 
Stephen:  "And I’m just getting started, Mexico — unlike the Aztecs, who are stone cold dead."
[audience groans]
Stephen: "Too soon?"
The Colbert Report