Seize the Power! Choose the Dog! Vote!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late and brief blog this week, but I was waiting for the go-ahead to send you all HERE!:

VOTE for the next Pet Trouble dog!

That’s right — YOU get to decide what kind of dog I write about for the eighth Pet Trouble book!  (Well, out of six options, but I didn’t pick ’em, so it’s still an exciting challenge from the universe!)  ;-)  I can’t wait to see what wins!  Right now it looks like the dachshund is WAY in the lead, so if you’re a pug or German shepherd fan, it’s time to marshal your forces and get clicking! 

The funny part about this is trying to come up with a vague outline for the book before I know what the dog will be (since I’ll have to write it REALLY fast!), and so far it’s been kind of impossible.  It’s hard to envision what kind of trouble a pug, a Jack Russell terrier and a Lab could all get into, since for the most part these dogs have wildly different personalities (at least, of the ones I know in real life!).

Anyway, I hope you’ll click in and vote, and good luck to all the dogs!  :-)  I promise a longer and timelier blog next week!

Quote of the Day:
Dad:  Why don’t you try a car wash?  I remember the summer before sophomore year–
Kat: –something really boring happened.  Awesome story, Dad.
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