Odds and Ends and Message Boards

Hi everyone!

It’s another short blog this week, because I am busy posting like mad over on the shiny new Pet Trouble message board at The Stacks!  If you missed it, I was the guest blogger on the Ink Splot 26 this week, and for the rest of this month I’ll be chatting with everyone there about pets and books (meaning lots more stories from me about Sunshine and Pet Trouble!)! 

So please come join us…Sunshine and I would love to hear your funny pet stories!  There are some great ones on there already (including an evil fish trouble tale!  Who knew?).  🙂

In other news, I had a fabulous birthday weekend, although Sunshine found it a little traumatizing…but on the plus side, she got a very cute haircut!:


Isn’t she the most adorable?  She’s very happy to finally have all her fur be the same length, and to have it short for the summer!  Also, she’s been sleeping practically since we got home, recovering from all the excitement of hanging out with her scalliwag brothers.  Aw, poor snugglemuffin.  🙂

Finally, I just have to say I love this year’s final four on So You Think You Can Dance!  I wish Janette and Ade were in there (I’d probably be voting for Janette if she were), but I think all four of them are brilliant dancers and I don’t mind at all who wins. 

By the way, did you notice how many of my predictions came true?  Of the seven songs I thought they’d use, we saw five of them!  And really, one of the other two was just a wish…and I still think "Walking on the Moon" would have been awesome, although most of the hip-hop this year was pretty lackluster compared to last year.  No hip-hop in the finale?  For reals?  I wanted to see Brandon do hip-hop again!  SIGH!  And I do think using THREE Lady Gaga songs in one season is overkill (much as I liked this last one, "Boys Boys Boys"). 

I’m sad the season is over…but SO EXCITED that it’s starting again in just a month!  So You Think You Can Dance AND Glee on one night?  I might die of goofy musical joy.

All right, off to bed…hope to see some of you on the message boards!  🙂

Quote of the Day:  "The man they had got now was a jolly, light-hearted, thick-headed sort of a chap, with about as much sensitiveness in him as there might be in a Newfoundland puppy. You might look daggers at him for an hour and he would not notice it, and it would not trouble him if he did." — Jerome K. Jerome (in Three Men in a Boat)