Whee! We’re in Yosemite!


Check it out!  That’s the Half Dome behind me!  Totally wicked famous and awesome-looking!

The craziest part is that we’re staying in a cabin in the woods, but it has wi-fi (yay so I can blog!) and cable TV AND A DVR!!!  Eeeeee!!!!  Which means I can record So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow night and not have to rush my in-laws back from dinner to see it!  Woo hoo yay for technology letting my obsessions run wild!  🙂


We took this from Glacier Point; you can kind of see where a glacier might have come through here a long time ago.  It is RIDICULOUS how beautiful it is.  And the mountain right behind Half Dome is called Cloud Rest!  Isn’t that cool?  And then right beyond that, in the distance, is Echo Peaks.


The big waterfall back there is called Nevada Falls, and the smaller one below it is Vernal Falls.  Giant thrilling waterfalls!  

Followed by…giant thrilling trees!

IMG_6014 Known as the Fallen Monarch!

The Bachelor and the Three Graces!

The Grizzly Giant! 

I want to know who has the job of naming the trees, because fun!  I’d name this one Dragon Scales, or Last Remnant of the Dragons, or something like that:


Doesn’t it look like a burned-up bit of dragon?  I mean, seriously!  🙂


And not only did we walk up to the Grizzly Giant, we also saw…a GIANT GRIZZLY!:

GrizzlyBearOMGFORREALS why are these people CRAZY?!!! 

Walking TOWARDS the bear?  REALLY?  We took our picture from INSIDE the car, thank you very much!


How amazing is that?  It’s Toklo!  Awesome grizzly bear!  Especially awesome due to being at a nice safe distance!  :-)  I didn’t take this amazing photo, by the way.  That was all my talented and lovely sister-in-law, Samantha.  I’d still be trying to get my camera on, like, now, four hours later.  ;-)  

I did take this next photo for my bird-watching dad, though…hey, Dad!  What kind of bird is this?:


So pretty!  Can you figure it out?:


And don’t you tell me my photos are too blurry, mister.  ;-)  These were hard enough to get!  🙂

Lastly, guess what we’re seeing everywhere in the park?:



DOGS!  Not fair!  Sunshine is going to be so jealous!  Aww, poor muffin.  I wish she could be here!  I bet she’d love the mountains and trees and waterfalls…although maybe not so much the grizzly bears.  ;-)  

More next week!  

Quote of the Day: 
Carl: Do you want to play a game? It’s called See Who Can Go the Longest Without Saying Anything.
Russell: Cool! My mom loves that game!