Name That Puppy Winner!


IMG_5854What?  What is it?  Do I have a name yet?

You guys are TOO AWESOME!  Thank you THANK YOU to all the people who sent in name suggestions!  You’re total naming geniuses.  I think I might have to have a contest like this for each new Pet Trouble book — it takes me forever to name the dogs, but your ideas rule!

IMG_5865Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy… 

Before I get to the winner, a few honorable mentions, because I ADORE these names, and it was really really hard to pick between them!  Among our favorites:  Scruffy (yes! he totally is!), Peanut (which is extra-hilarious because their last dog was named Cashew), Satsuki (this one really nearly won — according to the Internet, it means "happiness" and also "moon" in Japanese, which would be a perfect match with Sunshine!), Cosmo (also the name of one of my favorite people in the world), Parsnip (hee!), Turbo (ha ha!), Bisou (aww, French for kiss!  which he does A LOT!), and Noodle, which is funny because on Petfinder his name was actually Noodles!  So we really thought about that one for a while, too…Noodle the poodle would be kind of awesome.

So can we call me Satsuki Cosmo von Scruffy McNoodles da Peanut?

But in the end, we had to settle on one name, and this is the one my parents picked: Maui!  Yay!  Thank you, Siobhan!

Now, hopefully those of you who have read Avatars 3 can already guess why they chose this name.  Maui is a hero of Maori mythology who shows up for part of Kingdom of Twilight; he’s famous all over Polynesia for being a trickster, and specifically, the myth says he’s the one who raised New Zealand from the sea.  (According to the story, he was fishing, and his hook caught on one of the mountains, and he pulled and pulled, and up popped the whole country!  Surprise!)  So, being that my mom is from New Zealand, and there’s the Avatars connection, and he’s kind of a god of mischief, it seemed like a very appropriate name.

IMG_5798aI shall begin my reign of mischief…by eating these socks!  Mwa ha ha! 

But!  If you didn’t win, don’t worry!  Honorable mentions, watch your inboxes!  And there’s another chance to win free books coming up soon.  Want to enter the giveaway before it even starts?  Go to the Contact Us page of the Pet Trouble website and send us either (a) a picture of your pet for Sunshine’s Friends (any kind of animal is welcome!  make sure it’s only the pet in the photo!) or (b) a letter for Sunshine’s advice column!  (She would LOVE that!)  And you may be automatically entered to win a free book!  Oh BOY!

P.S. Sunshine says, while you’re there, check out her new blog post!  New every Monday!  Yeah, she’s definitely trying to distract you from all these photos of the new puppy.  😉

By the way, you don’t even want to know how many pictures we took of this puppy in the two days he was visiting (OK, fine: over a hundred).  But that’s because most of them are ridiculous!  We have about fifty pictures of Sunshine sitting patiently next to a blur of tiny white fluff, often with my mom’s hands trying to hold him in place so we can get them side by side.  And even when he’s sitting, his head is a tiny up-and-down blur, which I’m pretty sure means he’s sneezing.

Ker-SNFT!  Ker-SNFT!

And if you’re wondering how Sunshine felt about all this…


Yeah, she wasn’t thrilled.  But she’s much happier now that he’s gone home!  Apparently she’d rather have an adorable cousin who lives in another state than an adorable little brother who’s underpaw all the time.  :-) 

The funniest part is that while he was here, I decided to play a game with him that we played with Sunshine when she was a tiny puppy, too small for regular toys.  We called it "the sock is running away" game, because we are not naming geniuses like you guys are.  (Oh, and yeah, there is totally a song that goes with it) ("the sock is running away! the sock is running away! the sock the sock the sock the sock the sock is running away!") (clearly we are also musical geniuses).  You can perhaps imagine how this game goes…the sock runs away, the puppy chases it, and meanwhile we all sing the "sock is running away" song.  Hilarity ensues!

We haven’t played this game with Sunshine in about four years, since now she has regular-dog-sized toys and generally no interest in our socks.  But OMG, I don’t know if it was the moving sock or the (equally moving) song (or the oh-so-threatening puppy), but Sunshine FREAKED OUT.  She shot across the room and nearly knocked the puppy over as she pounced on the sock, all MINE! ONLY I CAN CHASE THE SOCK! THE SOCK BOWS TO ME AND NO OTHER!  It was wicked hilarious.

So I tried to play simultaneous escaping-sock games with the two of them, but Sunshine didn’t want her sock.  She wanted his sock.  Clearly his sock was running away in a much more engaging and high-spirited fashion.  His sock was like the Michael Scofield of fugitive socks, whereas her sock was like the Brad Bellick, or the prisoner who stops to take a nap right outside the guard’s house.  (Hey, I only get to make Prison Break references for another month and then it’s over!  No more Michael and Sara!  Sigh!)

The good news is now I can add little Maui to Sunshine’s Friends gallery, now that he has a name…the bad news is, I have to pick which one of these hundred photos I like best!  Ack!

Anyway, thank you all again for entering, and I hope you’ll keep coming back to the site; I’m going to keep adding to it as the books come out!  Hopefully more games and photos especially!  And at the very least there’ll be new blogs by Sunshine on Mondays and me on Wednesdays.  :-)  If you can think of anything you particularly want to see on the site, use the Contact page to let me know!  I’m open to ideas! 

In other, completely not-book-related news: I don’t know about you, but I am in a state of high anxiety about all my favorite TV shows right now.  In a couple of weeks the networks will announce what’s coming back for next year, and practically all the shows I love are in grave danger!  Most especially Chuck, which might be my favorite show on TV.  It’s genius and hilarious and it always cheers me up.  Do not cancel this show, NBC!  I will Seriously Not Be Pleased!

Plus Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ended on such a crazy (meaning awesome) note, and it’s almost definitely not coming back, and that makes me awfully sad, too.  The world needs a weekly dose of Summer Glau!  She’s so the funniest killer robot on TV. 

But here’s the good news: only one month until So You Think You Can Dance returns!  Woooooo!  Start the countdown clocks!  I’m hoping adorable hat guy from last season’s auditions comes back.  🙂

And there’s a new show that’s probably going to be on ABC next year which sounds AMAZING.  It’s called Flash Forward, and the idea is that suddenly everyone on the planet suddenly flashes into their future, for about two minutes, then returns to the present.  HOLY BANANAS GENIUS!  That’s one of those ideas I so wish I’d had.  Think of the possibilities!  It’s based on a novel by Robert J. Sawyer, but in the novel they flash 21 years into the future, and from what I’ve read, on the show it’s five months into the future. 

(Isn’t that an odd but very significant change?  I would be VERY curious to see what my life is like in twenty years.  But in five months…I’m guessing I’ll find myself sitting at this exact desk, typing on this exact laptop, only I’ll have three more books finished and I’ll be yammering on about all new TV shows.)    🙂

Regardless…AWESOME.  Totally going to be the new Lost.  Oh, plus it stars Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love!) and John Cho (Harold and Kumar!).  Woo hoo!  I’m excited!

All right, speaking of yammering, I’d better get back to work…Pet Trouble 6 is not going to write itself (luckily, or I’d be out of a job).  Have a terrific week, everyone!  I leave you with this…The Daily Show‘s thoughts on the new White House dog, which nearly made me fall off the couch laughing:

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Cameron: I should have killed him.  I’m going to kill him.
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Sarah:  No one can be trusted.
Cameron: But I only want to kill him.
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