Head Full of Nonsense

Ruh-roh.  Did I promise a longer, better blog this week?  I did, didn’t I?  But…!  I’ve been very busy building a shiny new Pet Trouble website for you!  Very important!  Shiny and new!  It’s not quite ready yet, but hopefully I can unveil it next week…and hopefully you’ll like it!  I’m pretty excited about it, and so is Sunshine, since it’s fairly unabashedly All About Her.  ;-)  Makes sense to me!

I’ve also been recovering from studying for Jeopardy!  Man, it is WEIRD for a few days afterwards!  Practically everything makes me go, "ooo, I should remember that for Jeopardy!" and then I have to be like, "all right, brain, calm down and switch off study mode already."  I’ve heard that some contestants don’t study, but I totally did, because I can usually stuff a lot into my short-term memory.  And then promptly forget it all a week or two later, which is finally starting to happen now.  🙂

But it is really strange in the meanwhile…what do I do now with all this goofy info in my head?  When will I ever need to know the capitals of all the countries in Africa, or the names of random characters on 1960’s TV?  What should I do instead of playing geography games while I watch Bones?

Build a website, that’s what.  And maybe write some books.  :-)  Turns out I have deadlines aplenty looming in front of me.  Oh my goodness!  How did that happen?  Where did April come from all of a sudden?

The very exciting news is that there will be two more Pet Trouble books, bringing us up to at least eight.  And!  You guys get to VOTE on which breed I write about for book #8!!!  Oh BOY!  There’ll be an online poll going up in September sometime, so I’ll make sure to point you in that direction once it’s live.  Dogs dogs dogs!  Yay!

I also have LOTS of TV to catch up on, since I’ve been watching "educational" television instead for the last month (and by "educational" I mean the John Adams miniseries plus old episodes of Gunsmoke and Dragnet and Happy Days.  Don’t laugh!  That kind of thing totally comes up on Jeopardy!).  :-)  I also managed to watch the recent Tournament of Champions on Jeopardy!, starring my favorite champion ever, Larissa Kelly.  She’s AMAZING.

So I still don’t have much to yak about this week.  But NEXT week…next week will be really exciting!  ;-)  There might even be free books involved!  Seriously!  Come back and see!  🙂

Quote of the Day:
Jack:  "I can fake enthusiasm when I need to.  Hey, that scarf is fun!"
Liz: "Thanks!  I found it at Dunkin’ — wait a minute."
30 Rock