Top-Secret Mission Revealed!

Hi lovely people!

I’m sorry for disappearing!  And I’m sorry this week’s blog will be short, too; I’m sitting in a hotel room in California, mere hours away from jumping on a plane, so I won’t be able to ramble at length.

But!  Now I can tell you what my top-secret mission to California was about!  Ready?  Here goes:

I flew out here…to be on JEOPARDY!!!!!!


Totally BANANAS!  Me on TV!  On TV!  My (other) favorite medium (besides books, of course)!  And more importantly, on a show I have wanted to be on my whole life.  C-R-A-Z-Y!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took the online test last year and then had a call-back audition in person in June, which was forever ago, so when the call came my head kind of exploded because I’d sort of figured it wasn’t going to happen.  So I’ve spent the last three weeks (since I got the call — they don’t give you a LOT of time to prepare!) basically freaking out and trying to learn everything in the universe and not accomplishing anything else or responding to emails (remember, I also had a manuscript to finish in there!  Madness!).  AND I got desperately ill.  It was like my whole body went: "ACK!  JEOPARDY!  AAAACK!" and collapsed.  Yeah, awesome.  YOU try memorizing the periodic table of elements when your head is full of wet seagulls.  😉

Long-time blog readers may remember my resolutions from last New Year’s; one of them was "Get smarter", which was actually a clever disguise for "Try out for Jeopardy!", which I figured I should finally do, since I’ve always wanted to.  (Hey, I’ve never pretended I’m NOT a geek!)

I think Jeopardy! might actually be one of the very first TV shows I ever saw, because we didn’t have TV in South America, so I only saw it when we visited my relatives in America, and my grandparents in New Hampshire watched Jeopardy! every single night without fail.  So is it any wonder that being on the show became a dream of mine?  🙂

Anyway, I’m afraid I can’t tell you what happened or how I did, but if you want to find out, check out the show on Friday, June 26th!  That gives you lots of time to figure out what channel it’s on in your area and everything, if you don’t watch it every day (although you should! fun brainy show!).  I know, it’s AGES away, but come back after you watch it and I’ll post about what it was all like and everything. 

Hopefully by then I’ll also have a Pet Trouble section of the website…no, sooner than then!  Soon!  That’s my NEXT goal!  I promise!  :-)  Now that I’m not trying to watch all the Best Picture Oscar winners anymore (well, I only have about 20 to go, so maybe I will finish that goal).  🙂

All right, I’d better go finish packing…luckily I have a shiny book (Angelica) by Arthur Phillips (a Jeopardy champion! and amazing novelist! author of The Egyptologist, one of the best books ever!) to read on the plane, yay!  But I promise a better, longer blog next week, perhaps with pictures of our gallivanting around California when we weren’t in the studio.  Whee!

Quote of the Day: 
Marshall:  If I could nail any celebrity, it would be Lily.  She is the star of my heart.
Lily:  Awwwww!  Mine would be Hugh Jackman.
How I Met Your Mother