Hello lovely readers!

Tragically, I am WAY too sick to post a real blog today.  The dread illness I felt coming on last week HAS ARRIVED.  I feel like someone has hoovered the brains out of my head and replaced them with wet angry seagulls.  BOO.  Also, my knees hurt.  Diagnose THAT, Dr. House!

I hardly ever get sick these days (owing to the fact that I Never Leave the House and for the most part (when I don’t have to adjust to day-people’s crazy do-stuff-in-the-morning schedule) I Get Oooodles Of Sleep), so I am wicked lame and mopey when I do.  Plus outraged.  I have books to write!  I don’t have time to lie on the couch forlornly!  I couldn’t even watch TV tonight; I was TOO TIRED.  That is CRAZINESS.  I had better get well TOUT SUITE.

But the lovely news is, the library visit last Thursday was awesome!  Yay Wyckoff Library teens!  Yay Barbara the librarian!  Hi Kaitlyn, Sally, Amy, Alyssa, Rebecca, Julianne, Emmeline, Jen, Jen², Suzanne, Camille, and Colleen!  (I hope that’s everyone!  Sorry if I missed anyone…)

Me yak-yak-yakking about my books

Awesome book discussion group!  Yay fantabulous readers!  

I love yak-yak-yakking with people who like to read…especially when they have such great questions.  :-)  And great book recommendations!  Apparently I have a lot of manga to catch up on.  😉

And it’s probably just as well that the Monday school visit was postponed (SNOW DAY!) since I might have keeled over from Dread Illness in the middle of it anyway.  Hopefully it’ll happen later, when I am all well again!  

So instead of a longer blog, I leave you with two totally not author-y things.  First, a game!  Or what the Internet-savvy call a "meme".  In this one, you generate your own album cover (remember those?  back when people still bought CD’s?) using the random powers of the Internet.

Here are the instructions.

Basically, you find your band name with a random Wikipedia search, your album name with a random quotations search, and your album cover art with a random Flickr search.  It’s TOTALLY FUN because it’s surprisingly believable.  Here’s mine:


That would probably look much better if I had the artistic temperament and healthy brain cells to format the titles better.  But doesn’t it make you want to go start a band named Magic Cookie?  Whee!

And finally, this video.  It purports to be scientific and educational, so you might accidentally learn something, but really…it’s kittens and puppies.  🙂


Have a great week, and I hope you’re all feeling much healthier than I am!  🙂

Quote of the Day:  “Calamities are of two kinds: misfortunes to ourselves, and good fortune to others.” — Ambrose Bierce