Book Groups and Koalas

Hi everyone!

If you’re anywhere near Wyckoff this Thursday and you want to talk about Avatars 1, come to the library for the teen book discussion!  I’m going to be there!  Hooray!  I’m totally excited, because this was just a strange magical coincidence that turned out to be perfect. 

I ran into a lovely NJ librarian a few weeks ago at a baby shower.  And she was like, "Oh, how funny, I just got a request for one of your books, because a nearby library is doing a teen discussion group on Avatars 1."  And I was like, OMG, which one, and seriously? my book? and can I go?  (And then Adam and I joked about how I should just show up and pretend I was someone else and be like, "Wow, I LOVED this book.  Wasn’t it EXCELLENT?  Wasn’t it THE GREATEST BOOK OF ALL TIME?  Don’t you all want to run out and BUY BOOKS TWO AND THREE?")  😉

But so, seriously, I told her she should tell the librarian that I’d love to come to the book discussion, if they wanted me.  And they do!  So I’ll be at the Wyckoff Public Library from 7-8pm this Thursday, Feb. 26th, talking about Avatars.  I’m SO EXCITED!  You can’t imagine how thrilling it is to discover that a librarian liked your book enough to choose it for their book group.  Yay librarians!  Yay Barbara!

I’d love to do this for other libraries, too, if anyone wants me to stop by and talk about books.  (I luuuuuuuuuuurve talking about books!)  I guess I should really put up a how-to-contact-me page.  OK, OK!  It’s on my list!  I will do it soon, I promise!

Then on Monday I’ll be doing a school visit (hooray!) and then I’ll probably be recovering for the rest of the week, because of all the leaving-the-house and pants-wearing, which is always exhausting.  😉

Speaking of which, I have to go to bed, because I’m afraid I’m getting sick, but before I do that, have you all already seen this insanely adorable video of a koala being rescued after the fires in Australia?

Um, adorable tragic koala + heroic firemen with cute Australian accents?  Verdict: AWESOME.  And here’s what happened to her afterwards…she was saved and fell in love!  With a koala named Bob!  Awww!  Me = sobbing.

Also, one of my favorite brilliant authors for grown-ups, Catherynne M. Valente, has a new book out today.  I haven’t read it yet (it’s winging its way to my door right now!), but I’m sure it’ll be wonderful and astonishing:


From what I hear, it’s about scandalous things, so it might be For Adults Only.  You’ve been warned, younger readers!  Don’t get me in trouble!  Make your mom read it first or something.  🙂

A TV Harrmph:  All right, I’m not going to go on and on about why I’m mad at Heroes, but it is deeply offending my writer-y sensibilities right now.  Seriously, are the writers asleep?  I’ve been spending the last several episodes yelling at the TV.  ("CONTRIVED!  LAME!  SUPER-CONTRIVED!") 

For one thing, the characters are falling into that interchangeable problem where any of their lines could be spoken by any of them at any given moment, because they’re all so inconsistent.  Watch the scene from the most recent episode where the guys are like (paraphrased):

Char. #1: Stop! You’re hurting him!
Char. #2: I have to!  It’s the only way!
Char. #1: But it’s wrong!
Char. #3: I agree with Char. #2!

Now imagine switching all that dialogue around between the characters.  This scene could have been written the same way with each of them saying one another’s lines instead, and you wouldn’t be able to tell, because they all sound the same and nobody has a consistent position on anything.  It’s just a lot of dramatic posturing.  Not to mention this week’s episode was entirely pointless and told us absolutely nothing we hadn’t already guessed.  And I’m annoyed that they randomly gave a character (with perfectly good powers of his own) those paint-the-future powers, for no apparent reason other than to facilitate more lazy writing.  DEEP SIGH!  Grumble grumble!

Well, I hear it gets better soon, so I’ll keep watching in hope.  On the plus side, I like the look of Claire’s new guy (glasses! sold!).  🙂

A TV Huzzah!:  I meant to mention this last week…my TV gave me a Valentine!  I turned on the TV the day after Valentine’s Day, and guess what I found?  A NEW SEASON OF THE AMAZING RACE!  Awww, I knew my TV loved me.  How did I not know this was coming?  I mean, I don’t watch much CBS (pretty much How I Met Your Mother and that’s it), but you’d think I would have heard about it somewhere, considering how I keep up with important TV news like this.  :-)  

The first episode was absolutely brilliant; it’s worth it just for the giant cheese wheel sequence alone.  (AWE.SOME.)  And there are some totally likable characters, and nobody I hate yet, so hooray!  And it’s a good thing Kari and I aren’t on this race, because we would have had an ENORMOUS fight over who got to do the parasailing Roadblock.  Hello!  Parasailing!  Off a mountain!  I want it!  :-)  Yay fabulous show!  I’m so glad it’s back.

All right, now I am going to bed.  More next week!  Or come to the Wyckoff Library on Thursday to say hi!  If you click on that link above you can find more information and how to RSVP to the fabulous librarian in charge.  🙂

Quote of the Day: 
Jack (re: Liz’s first date with Dr. Baird): "How about a nice night at home?"
Liz: "Nice…you mean, like, stew?"
Jack: "I certainly do not mean stew."
— 30 Rock